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Alert: the four kinds of man must be careful of liuwei dihuang pill

With kidney Yin deficiency, but man shall not take bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia kidney: cold diarrhea during a cold have a fever, acute gastroenteritis, abdominal pain diarrhea, even with kidney Yin deficiency symptoms, also temporarily not take bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia, must stay the more evil illnesses before serving. Men who have a history of diabetes, not take bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia kidney: diabetes patients don’t take honey of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia pill, due to the high sugar content, easy cause blood sugar fluctuations.

Women here short more attractive to men

What kind of female talent is the most lovely, what kind of woman to receive the man’s heart, this is a lot of people are very want to know, according to the research shows that if a woman has the short minibus may become more lovely. Short chin is very attractive to men, but short chin is not so easy to find, then you know why such a woman more men like.

After getting up a action to improve ability of husband and wife

Men have a higher sexual ability is a blessing, not only can fully be men in sexual life charm, but also can improve the self-confidence of man. On tiptoe, calf muscles will have strength to shrinkage, promote the blood circulation, make lower limb blood flow more smoothly and make the penis get blood, thus to extend the time of erection.

These seven body signals of the kidney

The kidney is the figure of the body. If kidney problems, will reduce the levels of the hormone, the red blood cells carry oxygen ability, can cause human body anemia of oxygen, resulting in lethargy body fatigue. At ordinary times should pay attention to the waist to keep warm, the weather turn LiangYao attention heat preservation measures immediately, lest cause cold invasion.

Man: what kind of wife will live longer?

1, longevity male don’t marry beauty when the wife, according to a study in Spain with a lofty women to be alone for a long time, the body is associated with heart disease of the stress hormone cortisone concentration will rise.

Survey: why the 40-year-old women love sex toys

Sex toys from the state of “secretly” gradually “enter”, recently, abroad have a special survey, it addresses the situation of women using sex toys. In addition, sex toys can also be in the normal between husband and wife used as an auxiliary means.

Sex education survey: forty percent students sexual knowledge is derived from the companion or network

Had the greatest influence on students in terms of sexual knowledge, in turn, is that gay friends or classmates (42.2%), heterosexual friends or classmates (15.4%), the teacher or a doctor (15.0%), parents (10.3%), others (6.3%), and 10.8% without anyone. Wang Wei rainbow advice, education administrative department should include sexual health education in primary and secondary school curriculum plan, sexual health education curriculum construction can draw lessons from the advanced experience of development of sexual health education at home and abroad, to explore around nature health education of primary and secondary schools teaching materials.

Do you know where your girlfriend would be from kiss up?

In love, kiss of the every day is a very important thing, as it romantic kiss. Both key first kiss, and kiss every day, ascertain the secret, to master the skills, avoiding mistakes is like romantic people obligatory. Christine recommended partner will kiss diversification: kiss different parts of the face, especially don’t neglect the ear and neck, on the other hand, bite lower lip and the earlobe is also extremely provocative and interesting experience.

What food is the master of kidney strong sun

An aphrodisiac is a lot of middle-aged men are concerned about the topic, folk rumours that certain foods can be an aphrodisiac. Cadmium, the harm to the body’s tissues and organs is various, not only can reduce the number of sperm, and implantation would also be affected, may be because of cadmium on chromosome damage, caused the fertilized egg implantation not easily, affect fertility.

A man ashamed to speak of those things Women don’t know

Boston university school of medicine, clinical psychologist Stanley Du Sham said in terms of sex, women tend to have high expectations for the other half, but it is not a good thing for men, they even call it “one of the most fearful experience”. Stanley Du Sham said: “a man should be focusing on sex itself, rather than think of things in mind, don’t always thinking about yourself it’s strong enough.