Monthly Archive: May 2018

The big four function decline, 44, is the man’s life crisis

44 years old, is a male a cordon and turning point of life, the four indicators of male life functions fall across: give priority to with renal dysfunction of the five zang-organs, sustain the gonad axis of male sexual function imbalance, and the male hormone secretion decline, various immune nutrition is lack, the male life function decline, reflected in the psychological, sexual, physical ability, posture, immunity, anti-aging, and other aspects.

Count the eight fine saying about right and wrong

For men with “made man” plan, the quantity and quality of sperm is very important, about the damage of sperm movement or behavior also have a lot of rumours. Recently, the “daily health” respect, ask an expert to help you answer them one by one the statement is right or wrong.

Women have six ashamed to speak

About sex, many men feel “capable of that,” skill of sexual knowledge and skills. The Times of India recently published stories point out, however, many a man doesn’t understand a woman thoughts. Below is wife hidden at the bottom of a few “worry” sex, men know these, can arouse the enthusiasm of their sexuality better.

Men how to improve the quality of sperm

A male ejaculation can release about 200 million sperm, finally only one sperm “Deus ex” into the egg cell, form a fertilized egg, life began. In general, sperm quality including the sperm quantity, sperm density and sperm in the total number of sperm, sperm agglutination, sperm vitality and living rate, sperm morphology, semen liquefaction and seminal plasma composition etc., can with semen routine assay to detect in clinical.

Symptoms of voiding was a sign is cancer

Citizens to Mr. Huang, as long as a urine will have a headache, not seriously at first, and then one time almost fainted, he went to the hospital, experts suggested that he do colour to exceed and bladder cystoscopy, was later diagnosed with bladder pheochromocytoma. Bladder pheochromocytoma typical clinical presentation of high blood pressure, blood in urine, but generally have high blood pressure or invisible painless hematuria patients tend to ignore the typical symptoms.

Sauna will destroy man fertility sauna heat will damage testes

The cold winter, the sauna is a very popular leisure activity, by way of steam of the sauna to promote blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of the body. Too much stress can affect the secretion of testosterone, a short temper and bad mood also affects mental state, which affect the endocrine balance in the body.

The eight confirmed sperm killer

Although adult men every day there will be millions of sperm production, but the health of these “little tadpole” vulnerable to external factors. Alcohol abuse can affect sperm quality, hinder the sperm production, smoking can damage the sperm motility, sperm DNA damage, even will also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Room after sweating much show

Bedroom kubla khah dripping wet, when the ancient thought is one of the seven loss, but there are also couples feel it is “comfortable” passion. Long-term excessive sweating is associated with trace elements is missing, at this time should be appropriate oneself supplements some Yin foods, such as jujube, tremella, black beans, walnuts, sesame, sea cucumber, etc. Food should be clear, appropriate to eat rich high quality protein food, avoid spicy stimulation, warm sweet dry food.