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Woman hip big mean

New research at Diana kerwin, says Dr, no doubt, the influence of obesity on health, hip fat may lead to the formation of a blood clots in the brain, lead to alzheimer’s disease and brain blood flow. To this, Dr Kerwin advice, hip obese women should be actively to lose weight, although adipose accumulation position cannot be changed, but less fat, health will be more.

Really is a green onion for ten minutes can fill a Yang?

As the saying goes, “a green onion, ten minutes,” many men think that eating green Chinese onion has strong aphrodisiac effect. Green Chinese onion is rich in a variety of nutrients, can relax blood vessels, promote blood circulation, good for cardiovascular. In the general population are edible leeks, people with gastrointestinal tract disease unfavorable feed more; Virtual table, the sweat also should diet; Too much eating Onions will damage the eyesight.

Men can’t eat five kill fine food

As the saying goes, food is, so in case of pregnancy between male friends also very the attention to dietary intake, because there are a lot of food to eat is a fine effect. Trans fatty acids can reduce male hormone secretion, that can adversely affect sperm activity and reaction process of the body to store sperm. The role of mulberry has regulate better and improve the quality of sperm.

After the husband and wife life man never can do three things

Sex is every adult man care about, is also a man of passion to experience the most enjoy a thing, but many of the male sex after these things, may hurt a man’s health and you most care about sexuality. In the process of sex, gastrointestinal vascular expansion, before gastric mucosal hyperemia were returned to normal, eat cold drink can make gastric mucosa suddenly encounter cold and a certain amount of damage, even cause gastrointestinal discomfort or colic.

These actions will destroy men

Men’s informal character prompt it to form a lot of bad living habits, in dietary respect main show is not love to drink water, drink beer, drinks instead of boiled water, eat fruits and vegetables, and so on. Try to avoid too much to drink, to be followed by a plain boiled water, keep drinking eight cups of water each day to promote body endotoxin eduction in a timely manner.

The woman on the bed 5 things difficult

In terms of sex, women are always more passive and shy, and some of the illicit close sex, they are reluctant to say easily, heart but hope a man can understand.” For women, sex itself is the source of happiness, they can’t orgasm, but that doesn’t mean that man will not be able to, but to look at.

After the “life” men and women, men can’t do “immediate” a couple of things?

Has just experienced a complete harmony of passion, do you still enjoy in waste when make love every moment, but he rolled over to snoring, or do the other things. Sex just ended, corpora cavernosa congestion has not yet subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, this will cause urethral resistance is high, cause dysuria, even urine.

Which parts of a woman is excited

As lr 3 hole with hands on the foot of valley point is remedial bad mood affect the medicine of the valley point at hand, in the lr 3 hole corresponding to the position, to suit the lr 3 hole, can let a person calm, rational. Lr 3 hole is one of the important points on the liver meridian, it not only can adjust liver, liver easier to support the toxin, and suffered can calm, quickly feel relieved.

The couple never touch the sex taboos

Sex, some inappropriate behavior or words, not only affect their own image, also can let lovers feel disrespected, affect the quality of sex. Many couples for sex, is an impromptu, wanted to do, when to when in fact it is not completely right, so, do you know what time should not be having sex? P elder sister today will give you clean up your must grasp the taboo!

Men move let woman cannot leave you

There are often men complain about her demanding too much, in fact, many actions before sex can also play the role of intimacy. Sex and marriage therapist, said Dr Ian knut this way will make sex to celebrate, and help to enhance the positive view of marriage. G, said before sex, take the time to hug each other, can promote the oxytocin release, will increase the affinity with a partner.