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You two make you sun be the spirit is dye-in-the-wood

If you often feel cold feet, back chills, this is caused by kidney Yang deficiency. When people sleep to head south north foot posture, the magnetic field lines smoothly through the human body, minimize disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field. Due to many on the left side of the body, the human heart to the right side can relieve pressure on the heart, hands near to avoid in the heart at the same time, avoid awakened by nightmares.

Ten ancestral old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and kidneys

Stool hard, can use both hands back double kidney area, according to knead forcibly, can stimulate the kidney, accelerate bowel movement; Walk, use both hands to rub up and back kidney area, lumbar acid can alleviate symptoms. In addition to the black sesame, black fungus, black rice, black beans and black food can keep the kidney, walnut, Chinese chives, shrimp, sheep waist can also play the role of kidney and kidneys.

Kidney massage six parts to build the strongest man

Massage, rub them on fever, according to the beneficiary, pause for a moment, and then rub down hard to rump parts (long hole). Dry rub the front left foot back with his left hand, right hand rub 100 times up and down the soles, so that the soles fever; In with his left hand to rub his right foot arch.

He said the most understanding about love and sex

Love never is a matter, to shape a person, this feeling is particularly important. Now only know one thing: the sexual attraction has never been one to one, never is multidirectional, otherwise the species will decline in the absence of competition. That is why, attitude towards sex, is an important proof of love loyalty or not.

Man strong is not strong in the press can know

As lr 3 hole with hands on the foot of valley point is remedial bad mood affect the medicine of the valley point at hand, in the lr 3 hole corresponding to the position, to suit the lr 3 hole, can let a person calm, rational. Lr 3 hole is one of the important points on the liver meridian, it not only can adjust liver, liver easier to support the toxin, and suffered can calm, quickly feel relieved.

After the female orgasm 5 big performance

After make love to cry, will be so excited? This may be the reaction of the central nervous excitement that causes muscle contraction. Actually female orgasm when there are a lot of responses, but some women never had a orgasm, what is the real orgasm?

Women love men which parts of the body?

48.2% of men see women were it to fall for the first time before ~ P elder sister to introduce you to the man’s eyes for the first time to see a woman the most like to watch… Stab the above title can review! Then, there is a net friend message me where women love? Don’t worry, P elder sister today will give you find the answer!

Love in the early morning 9 big health benefits

In men’s testosterone levels in the early morning will be about 25% higher than the rest of the day, when your hormones are quietly boiling – although sometimes imperceptible. If you raise the cats and dogs in the home, don’t forget to put them outside the bedroom door shut, you don’t want to let them at a critical moment to jump to go to bed!

This roll roll a kidney sex again Let a man hard such as drill bit

Bladder and kidney meridian, kidney deficiency, tends to be bad spirit, memory decline. The pot and a small amount of oil, heat, into the chopped green onion slices ginger, stir fry fragrant, add in Fried lobster, cooked into a small amount of cooking wine, stir, added a little salt, can be on the plate.

There is a kind of impotence more fill more serious! The key problem are you still in the dark

Speaking of impotence, many people think of Yang. Will join the rest of the mixer LiZiRen, walnut meat, add a spoonful of water into a pulp, Gordon euryale seed soaked into the crock pot cooking to mature, and add chestnuts and walnuts pulp in Gordon euryale seed soup boil, you can take it. In a word, the party said goodbye pretty, make more targeted treatment, use rise very convenient also, high safety.