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How should man care about their health care

Have a healthy body, can be said to be the busy modern man’s best wish. Due to abnormal diet, mental pressure big civilizations disease caused by factors such as, and occupational diseases emerge in endlessly. To keep healthy and don’t have much time, how to do? Small make up to provide the necessary ingredients of five men, detailed introduces the every kind of food health value and edible method, convenient office in the home to eat, to enhance resistance to disease, thus achieve the purpose of maintaining health. Modern men want to be able to help to get the nutrients your body needs, easy to improve physical fitness, promote healthy body!

Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these food to improve energy supplement testosterone

After 40 years of age, the most important androgen – testosterone in men will begin to decrease, thus likely to lead to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression and other issues. Supplement testosterone can improve men some common problems. However, “medicine to eat. Recently, the us website MSN please experts names can increase testosterone levels of food. Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these foods, to improve energy to supplement the male hormone, 10 years younger!

Woman is the most care about this matter

Expert view: sex sensitive area is different from person to person, everyone like love way is different also, so it’s very important to keep attention and communication. Expert view: women more slowly than the male sexual excitement, also after orgasm Tui elimination is slow, the man will continue to give some stimulation, help her Tui slowly disappear.

Count the eight fine saying about right and wrong

For men with “made man” plan, the quantity and quality of sperm is very important, about the damage of sperm movement or behavior also have a lot of rumours. Recently, the “daily health” respect, ask an expert to help you answer them one by one the statement is right or wrong.

He said the most understanding about love and sex

Love never is a matter, to shape a person, this feeling is particularly important. Now only know one thing: the sexual attraction has never been one to one, never is multidirectional, otherwise the species will decline in the absence of competition. That is why, attitude towards sex, is an important proof of love loyalty or not.

About “health” a few things you should know most!

Nowadays, the influence of family harmony, premature ejaculation, the incidence is 25% – 30%; The incidence of male prostatitis is about 8.4% in our country, but if a male with multiple partners, his prostatitis incidence rate will reach 26%; 35 to 45 years old, reproductive capacity has gradually declined, can indirectly caused increased the incidence of infertility and the number of… It is not hard to see from these data, husband and wife life to “sex”, must want to play “sexual” battle.