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The squat practice action is to improve the ability of man’s will

As a man, to be strong to looks very strong, just pulled you have more girls. In today’s society, the appearance of the weak, who would like? If you want to become more powerful and want to show off their beautiful bodies in the summer, want to healthy weight loss, in addition to fitness, you have no other choice!

Men exercise abdominal muscles will do five action

Whether you’re planning to go to the blue sea resort, or fitness to swim in the swimming pool, a type of figure is sure for you. Very likely for some unexpected wonderful on your vacation. Before a friend said choose affairs is one of the boys have sexy small abs. To introduce the five kinds of moving today

A stupid action let Roger federer knee out of the Olympic Games

Knee injuries is a very easy and it not only baffled federer, and moon wei, feng kun, Yang jun Kim and other women’s volleyball star. 4. When motion the correct posture can prevent knee injuries, landing landing foot touchdown, before knee bending, torso slightly forward, try to avoid around the knee joint lateral or action.

After getting up a action to improve ability of husband and wife

Men have a higher sexual ability is a blessing, not only can fully be men in sexual life charm, but also can improve the self-confidence of man. On tiptoe, calf muscles will have strength to shrinkage, promote the blood circulation, make lower limb blood flow more smoothly and make the penis get blood, thus to extend the time of erection.

An action to eliminate the man room after fatigue

Guide language: some men in the room after the always feel tired all the time, wrongly assuming that she de-clawed, and so the old thinking of how an aphrodisiac. Frequent natural passion let the body fatigue, if men consciously physical than it once was, and is easy to tired, can reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, first with adequate sleep and a balanced diet, then observe their fitness.

Sun be the spirit is insufficient, make this an action often open

Many people have such a feeling, a in the winter cold feet, neck son take after some cool wind, some female alvine hair cool, older people tend to think the knee and hand joints. When the sun be the spirit is insufficient, qi and blood clot after cold, often not only can promote the blood circulation in the hands, rub hand can also prevent frostbite.

Men and women that after an action dispel fatigue

Sexual pleasure at the same time, also can let a person feel tired or sore muscles. India sexologist Michael kreiger, points out that proper stretching back after sex, can help men to reduce fatigue. For men, sex life after fatigue, mainly after ejaculation, control discharge semen cerebral spinal reflex function immediately relax results.