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The running form of four kinds of errors affect figure

Running is the most common forms of exercise. Running all the soles of your feet on the ground, it is easy to “squat”, easy cause tibia periostitis, long-term impact is easy to run into type O. Before running, foot touchdown will strongly stimulate the calf muscles, after a long time can cause leg coarsens, form “turnip leg”.

Income affect the quality of life of husband and wife

Always think sex have great relationship with two personal feelings, has nothing to do with much less money. High earners and the way of another kind of enjoy porn, such as watching a warmth in the car but have sex scenes of the film, with rippling in the car open tender feelings sweet meaning, pull a curtain, into two people “world of passion.

Does not affect the love feeling of contraception

Most men and women need to consider sex problem is how to contraception, now there are many kinds of contraceptive methods, but a lot of people don’t know how to choose a suitable way. The main components of the pill is a synthetic estrogen and progesterone, for most women, their influence on sex is negligible, but some women have sex changes.