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After 40 years old half of men with erectile dysfunction One method is to overcome the key!

According to data shows, the Chinese male disease incidence rate is as high as 51%; Above 40 years old to about 50% of men with erectile dysfunction; 30 to 40 years old of men have sexual dysfunction was 20% to 30%. So, how to avoid sexual dysfunction? How to make the middle-aged couples spend “sex” crisis? On the arrival of the Chinese valentine’s day phoenix health invite guo, director of the China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital male action for you. ,

Women urine after wipe or not

What do you want to wipe after women to urinate? In fact the process of urination, as well as the body toxins out of the process, through urine, can put out toxins, with a paper towel to wipe, can avoid the happening of urine is endless.

What sports can help to lose weight after the Spring Festival

Is one of the biggest festival for the Chinese Spring Festival, is one of the most respected, during this time, we will have a long holiday. In this holiday season, overworked of a day people will pack a good mood to meet the arrival of the New Year, relatives and friends gather together, visiting each other. This is hard to avoid can not do without food and drink to play these three things, obesity is to each one of us. The arrival of the obesity not only affect our image, more important is to affect our health, so that losing weight has become the urgent thing. So, what sports can help to lose weight during the Spring Festival? Let’s see.

Do the six things don’t immediately after exercise

Don’t immediately after exercise do the 6 September 27, 2016, 2016 ocean network – guangzhou daily weibo WeChat space share add love for regular exercise, exercise the muscles can get relatively sufficient oxygen, sugar material lactic acid decomposition, there would be no obvious muscle pain. Smoking will make lung after motion with a lot of smoke, reduce the lose oxygen, chest, short short, dizziness, weakness could be happening.

Couples that after the event must not do two things

After a lot of intimacy, immediately return to normal life, there will be no after the show. Men should not be eager to urinate after sex, otherwise it will damage to the prostate, because male urethra long and crooked, urine by resistance, long time. At this time as eager to urinate, can make the urethral pressure increased, urine flow with bacteria and metabolic waste will enter the prostate, so for a long time, easy to cause prostatitis.

Husband and wife life after a performance indicates serious illness

Joss buehler is at loyola university in Chicago in the United States department of nerve, director of the year he cured countless patients with stroke. But last year, he encountered a strange case. According to the radio and television reported on September 15, this female patient is only 35 years old, non-smoker, healthy life, and no high risk factors of cardiovascular disease. That day, and her husband after a joyous love, she began to feel left facial palsy, then talk slow, my left arm. The family sent her to the hospital right away.

Men’s and women’s room after eating one kind of food for the worst

After the passion of sexual intercourse, eat some food, cold drink cold things harmful to the body, after careful waste the bed time. This shows, the consumption of cold drinks, ice cream, ice cream, etc., regardless of sex or not, all should according to the condition of its gastrointestinal function enough is enough, do not eat moderately.