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Chinese chives can really an aphrodisiac?

Lift & other; An aphrodisiac & throughout; , a lot of people are interested in this issue, both men and women. Therefore, once the online about this aspect of the post reading is generally high. However, there are a lot of people wonder, food really an aphrodisiac? An unreliable? What food can have &

Men have to circumvent the five mistakes an aphrodisiac

An aphrodisiac method is that people have been focused on health topics, in order to achieve an aphrodisiac effect, we have also been common sense an aphrodisiac food, an aphrodisiac. Way: 2 sparrows, unhairing and bone dirty, dodder, medlar 25 grams each, cooked with liquid, meat drink soup.

Three common food an aphrodisiac effect is best

Way: 2 sparrows, unhairing and bone dirty, dodder, medlar 25 grams each, cooked with liquid, meat drink soup. One way: the pig kidney and yam medicine, medlar each 15 grams, mountain cornus 12 grams, put inside the casserole, add water right amount soup, eat meat, drink soup.

The role of liuwei dihuang pill and it really has an aphrodisiac?

Chills contains limbs chills, fatigue, depressed, low energy, god body sink, waist, back pain, bones and muscles Withers softly, sexual function decline, impotence, premature ejaculation symptoms. Red bull + bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia “secret recipe” there is no any aphrodisiac effect, an aphrodisiac is more ridiculous, please don’t try.

Coke add MSG not “aphrodisiac water”

Some posts recently said: coke can produce monosodium glutamate aphrodisiac effect. A new study suggests that the so-called “monosodium glutamate syndrome” and MSG is not too big relations, but caused by microbial contamination or a variety of ingredients mixed. Dietitian Lin Xia said, coke with high sugar content, eat too much, easy to cause dental caries, obesity and abnormal blood sugar, in addition to all this coke contains phosphate and calcium loss is easy to cause the human body.

Eat leek you think just an aphrodisiac?

Many of you know, leek contains rich nutritional value, in addition to solid essence can be an aphrodisiac, and cure effect. Leek cancer treatment: leek raw juice, add a pinch of salt, mei meat and marinades gastrointestinal cancer and esophageal cancer can be cured, first a few drinks, and then gradually add quantity, spit out phlegm disease after improving.