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The expert reminds: pay attention to these key male disease prevention

According to the WHO, according to data released in the 80 s before the normal male sperm counts standard is 60 million/ml, by the year 1999 is 20 million/ml, 2011 down to 15 million/ml, thus it can be seen, in nearly 40 years this standard has fallen by 75%, and what is the cause of this phenomenon? At present the medical profession, there is no clear conclusion. This “health lecture hall” special male gulou hospital director melchor, attending physician Zheng Chenglong from the perspective of Chinese medicine regulating prevention and maintenance men’s health science health knowledge for everyone.

Steal the couple “orgasm” be sure to pay attention to the details of the!

Sex is an indispensable part of life, husband and wife orgasm can make men and women get extreme pleasure in sexual life, help to improve the relationship, promote health of body and mind. British woman’s day magazine once for the climax of unknown secret do some inventory. Today, p elder sister is under study together with everybody about climax of those things! Look for influence of several factors between male and female orgasms, early away from them!

When a couple that must pay attention to these details

Perhaps in some people, it seems, more sex skills for sex are more able to function, the relationship between the partners will be more harmonious, therefore, need to try a variety of sexual position they thought perfect sex. Men remember the room after the event to show her the necessary tenderness, as one kiss of the intimacy, a few words of tenderness, or hold her to sleep, can make women more satisfactory.

Most men and women that the nine points for attention

The pursuit of sex is everyone’s right, but not everyone really know. Sex educator Logan, “said Dr That people generally think of, good sex partners should have make sex perfect magic, this idea is completely wrong. Don’t always think about yourself if you are ready, is there enough sexual technique, follow your feeling and instinct, sex can become more wonderful.

The ten points for attention of liuwei dihuang pill

Believe that everyone has eaten liuwei dihuang pill. Liuwei dihuang pill is one of the most common traditional Chinese medicine, it is mainly suitable for dizziness tinnitus, kidney empty, spermatorrhea wait for a symptom, the main effect of liuwei dihuang pill is ziyin kidney.