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50 years old man husband and wife life will know before 7

Warm touching foreplay, helps the body completely relaxed, is beneficial to fully erect penis, also can effectively prolong sex. Men in the fifties, the glans penis will gradually lose the color of purple, this is mainly because the blood running decreased, moreover, the penis skin becomes slack. From 50 to 70 years old, the penis size shrink 1 — 3 cm, but it won’t keep.

Husband and wife will master the skill before life

Among sex, many couples think of sex skills are nothing more than a variety of positions change, preparation of foreplay, etc., few people would think of take off your clothes can also be sex need to master an aspect of sexual technique. At this time to take off the clothes to side towards each other, in this way, you elegant strip not only the feeling, also can give a person a feeling of peep fairy bath.

Husband and wife before bedtime to strengthen these parts of the massage effect is amazing

Before sleeping, both husband and wife to strengthen these parts of the massage, can increase the appeal of the husband and wife have can promote blood flow, nourishes the body organs. Kill two birds with one stone of it. Suggest that couples might as well a massage before you go to sleep meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, in order to easily achieve the goal of fitness and add feelings.

Before and after sex How do men and women clean privacy, the most healthy!

More and more men are male disease, is due to more men for the private parts clean not value. Man if you don’t pay attention to their privacy, health, harm to women health directly. Complete privacy, clean, not only protect themselves and their loved ones. Both men and women to maintain the cleanness of reproductive organs,

Men and women do it should die before you go to sleep

Every one of us every day, nearly a third of the time spent in sleep, a quality of sleep, can not only make us energetic, also can make us more healthy, so as to have the effect of health care. Diet, not overeating at night, or stomach puffy, toss and turn also can not sleep, both affect the function of the stomach, also lower the quality of sleep, do more harm than good.