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How long walk every day to reduce the risk of cancer

In fact, a number of the latest international research made it clear that walking can enhance immunity, improve endocrine, regulate hormone levels, in anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. American reader’s digest magazine, according to a study published in the daily walk 30 minutes after a meal, can lower the risk of pancreatic cancer in half.

Without a husband and wife life or one kind of cancer

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Heng) reporter recently from a associated with cervical cancer prevention and control of the meeting, the third hospital of Beijing university professor Guo Gongyan director of department of gynaecology at the meeting said: “can cause cervical cancer is currently the only clear, early prevention and treatment of malignant tumor, can be completely eradicated. Early detection is treated early against cervical cancer is the most effective method, through clinical detection of early detection precancerous lesions, to play an important role in cervical cancer prevention.”

Symptoms of voiding was a sign is cancer

Citizens to Mr. Huang, as long as a urine will have a headache, not seriously at first, and then one time almost fainted, he went to the hospital, experts suggested that he do colour to exceed and bladder cystoscopy, was later diagnosed with bladder pheochromocytoma. Bladder pheochromocytoma typical clinical presentation of high blood pressure, blood in urine, but generally have high blood pressure or invisible painless hematuria patients tend to ignore the typical symptoms.

Cancer and the sex life have to say

Cancer, which is closely linked with the sex is actually on sex if you don’t pay attention to health may also cause cancer. Also found that men with prostate cancer, if not abstemious sexual life, strong or improperly using an aphrodisiac drug, to accelerate the deterioration of cancer. 2, after the treatment, or basic cure after consolidation treatment phase: if patients in stable condition, good physical recovery, then restore and regular sex life can be appropriately, in order to coordinate the relationship between husband and wife.

Cancer or kill fine? Why do men can’t eat raw garlic

For men, eating too much garlic will be harming the vital qi, spleen and stomach for the whole body to provide adequate nutrition, if its function damage, is bound to appear the symptom such as loss of appetite, tiredness, angular, affect kidney, makes the qi and blood is impaired, eventually lead to less man fine infertility.

Intimacy thing, don’t rush to do after one signal indicates you cancer

Don’t think this is very strange, in the United States, there are 40000 bride find themselves allergic to semen, the worst may be life-threatening allergic, therefore, such family will have to choose artificial insemination. Sex just ended, corpora cavernosa congestion has not yet subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, this will cause urethral resistance is high, cause dysuria, even urine.

A relationship of husband and wife life turns out to be cancer of the strong heart “doctor”!

A harmonious sex life can promote the relationship not only, more can have health, ease and reduce a lot of pain. It’s like a permanent home, 24 hours on duty free doctors as the guardian of your health. Today, small make up for all the beauty of fine count the harmonious sex life brings to the human body ~ according to the women’s health magazine reported that summarizes the benefits of male and female sex:

Determine the cancer related to husband and wife life! These five types of women began to alert!

There is a female cancer has been the people needed to be aware of, its lethality infinite, there are 13 new cases every year, about 30000 people died of it, more and it is known as cervical cancer! And almost all of the cervical cancer is associated with a cause, that is human papilloma virus (HPV). And HPV infection and spluttered pa can’t get away, so we can draw the conclusion: cervical cancer associated with spluttered pa! ,