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90% of people do not know it was the important cause of erectile dysfunction

Near the sacroiliac joints within a iliac artery, supply the visceral blood vessels and coxal muscle; In the left and right iliac artery internal teams each have a important branch of supply of the penis. Main iliac arteries, plaque deposition luminal stenosis, the initial presentation of many people is not lower limb intermittent claudication, but erectile dysfunction.

Doing so would cause great loss to the body

The disease and also has much to do with work position, work or bend to lift heavy things, bending over desk for a long time, due to the waist muscle tension for a long time, is the high incidence of lumbar disc prolapse. Exercise is a long-term process, to coordinate the stability of the muscle slowly, can not only reduce backache, could slow speed of lumbar disc degeneration.