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Steal the couple “orgasm” be sure to pay attention to the details of the!

Sex is an indispensable part of life, husband and wife orgasm can make men and women get extreme pleasure in sexual life, help to improve the relationship, promote health of body and mind. British woman’s day magazine once for the climax of unknown secret do some inventory. Today, p elder sister is under study together with everybody about climax of those things! Look for influence of several factors between male and female orgasms, early away from them!

Look that woman couple life satisfaction

Taiwan women’s health institute (WHAT) a new survey has found that when women enjoy the pleasant sensation in the sex, usually through words of love and facial expressions, and partners share their satisfaction; On the other hand, if feel lost, even if the words do not say, expressions can also sell them.

When a couple that must pay attention to these details

Perhaps in some people, it seems, more sex skills for sex are more able to function, the relationship between the partners will be more harmonious, therefore, need to try a variety of sexual position they thought perfect sex. Men remember the room after the event to show her the necessary tenderness, as one kiss of the intimacy, a few words of tenderness, or hold her to sleep, can make women more satisfactory.

After the “life” men and women, men can’t do “immediate” a couple of things?

Has just experienced a complete harmony of passion, do you still enjoy in waste when make love every moment, but he rolled over to snoring, or do the other things. Sex just ended, corpora cavernosa congestion has not yet subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, this will cause urethral resistance is high, cause dysuria, even urine.

The couple never touch the sex taboos

Sex, some inappropriate behavior or words, not only affect their own image, also can let lovers feel disrespected, affect the quality of sex. Many couples for sex, is an impromptu, wanted to do, when to when in fact it is not completely right, so, do you know what time should not be having sex? P elder sister today will give you clean up your must grasp the taboo!

When a couple that accident?

Two people applauded in pa, the hard to avoid some accident happens, because of the accident is less, many people have never met, so once the sex accident when all don’t know how to deal with and processing. Today, P elder sister would like to help you summarize several common methods of sex accident and response. , love, love encounter