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Revelation 7 couples that big mistake

Many people enjoy pleasure of sex, but not necessarily a comprehensive understanding of it. Process of sex, the male erectile condition anxious, to its sex feel the pressure in the process, and are more concerned about his wife’s sexual pleasure, so men may also faking.

Women don’t do eight couples moments

Man has been positioning into “active” in the sex, sexologists often reminded them: not too rude, foreplay to longer, later need to tenderness, etc.” Suggest that we must make a sound, when sex low moans and simple praise is perfect sex “catalyst”, is a great encouragement to partner.

Couples that after the event must not do two things

After a lot of intimacy, immediately return to normal life, there will be no after the show. Men should not be eager to urinate after sex, otherwise it will damage to the prostate, because male urethra long and crooked, urine by resistance, long time. At this time as eager to urinate, can make the urethral pressure increased, urine flow with bacteria and metabolic waste will enter the prostate, so for a long time, easy to cause prostatitis.

Screw up 10 couples living things don’t do it

“A bad impression to a good impression to make up for the ten”, but in sex, some sexual misconduct tend to have a chance to remedy very hard. Some wrong through sexual intercourse is likely to affect sexual harmony, sexual apathy, and even ruin a good marriage. Recently, many sexologists summarizes common must avoid ten thing in sex, and interpretation is given.

This posture damage of couples that desire

, a new study has found that New Zealand scientists sitting idle may lead to low sexual desire, good posture are helpful to improve quality of sexual life. To observe upright posture and lazy sitting position and cardiovascular responses to the mood, the influence of a group of researchers in New Zealand through the contrast test of 74 participants.

Eight skills can bring couples that desire

Any a pair of husband and wife are sure to great hope in sex sex skills, will be the climax of sex to the other party. Indeed, occasionally a small amount of alcohol, can reduce the inhibition of the cerebral cortex, part can enhance sexual desire, sexual pleasure, can also achieve the effect of tendons supple.