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Share the fitness class, pseudo demand or fitness industry pioneers?

A four or five square meters of glass house, inside a running machine, equipped with TV, air conditioner, air purifier, which is “sharing” named one of the latest products: fitness class. Nearly a month, Shared fitness class some of Beijing’s landing area, great attention, in a short period of time the financing of more than thirty million yuan. Shared fitness room with its ease of use of fragmented time into the community, to pay infrastructure and derive income rapid development as the main profit model.

Sex toys is a double-edged sword It is safe to on-demand purchase!

Exactly how to choose a safe, healthy sex toys? When using sex toys what taboo? On February 14, valentine’s day approaching, the phoenix net healthy male had an interview with China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital director guo doctor, let him share sex toys on the advantages and disadvantages of sexual health.