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Don’t suppress body four kinds of desire

Bladder storage space is limited, has been for a full bladder time is too long, cause cases of bladder burst. Said “fine full will overflow” on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, if its for a long time to stay in the seminal vesicle and cannot eduction, sperm vitality will weaken, the ability of sperm production also gradually reduced.

This posture damage of couples that desire

, a new study has found that New Zealand scientists sitting idle may lead to low sexual desire, good posture are helpful to improve quality of sexual life. To observe upright posture and lazy sitting position and cardiovascular responses to the mood, the influence of a group of researchers in New Zealand through the contrast test of 74 participants.

Eight skills can bring couples that desire

Any a pair of husband and wife are sure to great hope in sex sex skills, will be the climax of sex to the other party. Indeed, occasionally a small amount of alcohol, can reduce the inhibition of the cerebral cortex, part can enhance sexual desire, sexual pleasure, can also achieve the effect of tendons supple.

1 position in men and women face the desire

Determine four house faces around eyes, two of which the inner eye area known as husband and wife, outside canthus place called palace of husband and wife, next pouch part called the children’s palace, upper eyelid called evidence palace. A single eyelids, a pair of people, like this has this feature, not just love and sexual desire in normal way.

Four desire never suppress body

Many diseases are & other; Suppress & throughout; Come out! On many occasions, we need to & other; Hold & throughout; & other; Endure throughout the &; , but also want to look at, the following four desire must not hold. , and four desire thousand body