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The expert reminds: pay attention to these key male disease prevention

According to the WHO, according to data released in the 80 s before the normal male sperm counts standard is 60 million/ml, by the year 1999 is 20 million/ml, 2011 down to 15 million/ml, thus it can be seen, in nearly 40 years this standard has fallen by 75%, and what is the cause of this phenomenon? At present the medical profession, there is no clear conclusion. This “health lecture hall” special male gulou hospital director melchor, attending physician Zheng Chenglong from the perspective of Chinese medicine regulating prevention and maintenance men’s health science health knowledge for everyone.

Room later help you eliminate fatigue 1 kind of disease

Some middle-aged men may have such experience, usually quite healthy body, but the room afterwards, always feel body fatigue, spirit bad, think oneself kidney empty, so to abstinence, husband and wife life less as far as possible. Actually this kind of situation is not uncommon, it is a group of middle-aged men, but this is not necessarily kidney.