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90% of people do not know it was the important cause of erectile dysfunction

Near the sacroiliac joints within a iliac artery, supply the visceral blood vessels and coxal muscle; In the left and right iliac artery internal teams each have a important branch of supply of the penis. Main iliac arteries, plaque deposition luminal stenosis, the initial presentation of many people is not lower limb intermittent claudication, but erectile dysfunction.

After 40 years old half of men with erectile dysfunction One method is to overcome the key!

According to data shows, the Chinese male disease incidence rate is as high as 51%; Above 40 years old to about 50% of men with erectile dysfunction; 30 to 40 years old of men have sexual dysfunction was 20% to 30%. So, how to avoid sexual dysfunction? How to make the middle-aged couples spend “sex” crisis? On the arrival of the Chinese valentine’s day phoenix health invite guo, director of the China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital male action for you. ,