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Step four men to enhance sexual ability exercise

Under huge pressure to live and work, a lot of men have impotence trend gradually, young one proud flesh, a harmonious happy sex life is closely related to the personal ability of sex. However, high level of sexual ability is not innate, the day after tomorrow also played a crucial role in practice. So how to improve sexual function? Below to introduce you to some of the sexual ability method.

Men exercise abdominal muscles will do five action

Whether you’re planning to go to the blue sea resort, or fitness to swim in the swimming pool, a type of figure is sure for you. Very likely for some unexpected wonderful on your vacation. Before a friend said choose affairs is one of the boys have sexy small abs. To introduce the five kinds of moving today

Winter swimming exercise five pitfalls, you made?

Winter swimming, refers to the temperature at 17 ℃ as the starting point of winter swimming, water temperature at 8 ℃ as the cold of winter swimming degrees. The expert reminds: wuhan quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine clinic winter swimming is good, but must strictly follow the scientific, especially to prevent common pitfalls. Don’t get the high temperature room after winter swimming, fire, or a hot bath.

You are in what floor exercise has a pyramid

“Dietary pagoda” is not strange to you, it will be our daily diet, the number of types according to the shape of a pyramid. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and other strength training and flexibility, static stretching and yoga movement of cutting is right choice.

Do the six things don’t immediately after exercise

Don’t immediately after exercise do the 6 September 27, 2016, 2016 ocean network – guangzhou daily weibo WeChat space share add love for regular exercise, exercise the muscles can get relatively sufficient oxygen, sugar material lactic acid decomposition, there would be no obvious muscle pain. Smoking will make lung after motion with a lot of smoke, reduce the lose oxygen, chest, short short, dizziness, weakness could be happening.

Exercise intensity of penis five tips

A man’s sexual ability strong or weak is the symbol of a male charm. Said want to have more perfect sex, the intensity of the erectile tissue of the penis is also very important, let’s go and see penis can exercise intensity method. When up and down to masturbate, if feel to ejaculation, should stop immediately, with the hand hold the root of the penis, then stop, continuing, stop again, repeat several times.