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Partners can’t stand 20 things many people lost in the first

Every couple hope and TA sweet harmony, but real life is often a chicken feathers, two people get along in the hard to avoid can have knock against and friction. A lot of problems, it is common phenomenon in couples will appear. Life some casual small move, sometimes moments that make people change the opinion of someone, even may affect the affection between the partners.

The Internet’s first movement on perfect curtain drops starting the new train of thought of the “sports culture”

Drops on September 22, 2016, the first fully sports theme on “hot open, from executives to grass-roots, actively participate in each department and the scene more than two hundred employees with hectic opening zumba dance began with the theme of” movement “beginning of the carnival activities, the whole activity lasted two hours. Several executives affinity to lead and participate in, and fully shows the enterprise vitality and unlimited green energy, the perfect interpretation of its internal sports culture, the innovation enterprise staff care new pattern.

The truth revealed women love at first sight”

When a woman for a handsome, dashing man “love at first sight”, this “I difficult to extricate themselves to fall in love with him” emotions, actually contains many aspects, multi-stage physiological reaction. At this point, the brain will be women’s desire to adjust to the excited state. Recently, the American women’s health magazine as we introduced various physiological reactions occurring at different periods of the woman. ,, 0 to 5 seconds. She suddenly saw an excited their prince charming, haven’t said hello to him, the brain has been on the man’s voice, facial features and pheromones (male body chemicals released, can affect the correlation of the opposite sex behavior) for processing. Male body exudes testosterone flavor is strong, a woman’s sex drive the easier it is to mobilize. In that instant, the brain to release large amounts of dopamine. A chemical that makes people excited, produce a sensation after sex drugs. At the same time, a part of the brain dealing with negative emotions were depressed, make a woman is not easy to detect the man’s other bad habits. And, if a woman is ovulating, she is more likely to be attracted men’s masculine features, such as chiseled jaw and deep voice; If you are menstruating, slightly flexible temperament of pretty boys are more makes a turn-on. Deep,, in addition, the female brain responsible for memory, for the man’s every move and features a detailed records, and put him in the dark compared with the past lover, and eventually prompt: he looks like the first guy I had a crush on! And, five minutes. At this point, the female brain may require hormone control center to speed up the operation, to ovarian issued a large number of chemical signals – the man let me horny; Also to adrenal signal that secretes adrenalin, women heart beat beating, sweaty palms, produce strong focus on the man. At the same time, secrete testosterone, it is usually associated with provocative aggression and risk-taking behaviour. Life than men, women are sexually suggestive somewhat shy, it is difficult to flirt first launched, so you need to use testosterone to aphrodisiac. , and 10 minutes. Women who are at this point, because the body is filled with a large number of powerful, dopamine and adrenaline are dazzled by testosterone, the brain could prompt the pituitary gland to secrete oxytocin, a hormone can promote the combination of both sexes. And, a few months. If women are addicted to the male, the brain will accelerate generation nerve growth factor, this protein can enhance people’s mental ability. However, unfortunately, nerve growth factor in women to men cling to love year after declining to normal levels. When they met again after the separation of new passion, can also cause the adrenal glands secrete a stress hormone, but this state of short-term stress hormone is different from usually secreted by chronic stress hormones for a long time, it can make women become more gentle and obsession, and enhance sexual desire.

Longevity man has eight habits The first is the sex twice a week!

Twice a week of 1000 male sex British scientists had 10 years follow-up survey, found that more than two times a week or sexual life of male, early death rate than only once a month or less sex low 50%. Smoking is not addictive Smoking can greatly increase the probability of lung cancer 90% of lung cancer patients are smokers, smoking is lung cancer in men 23 times more likely to be nonsmokers, women is 13 times.

Why 60% of people kiss first right?

4, can kiss kiss will stimulate the production of saliva, and saliva contains calcium and phosphorus, is good for teeth and gums cleaner, can effectively prevent tooth decay. 6, can the pain passionate kissing can make human body hormone secretion and morphine – endorphins, and a kiss of endorphins effect is equivalent to a piece of painkillers, antibiotics, kiss saliva will automatically create the same anesthesia effect can help the pain.