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Want to fitness? One minute is enough to

According to report of xinhua news agency don’t make no time don’t exercise excuse. Canada’s level, according to a new study at the university of fitness without exercise for a long time, because of high intensity exercise 1 minute, effect and 45 minutes endurance exercise.

Mei ting exposure private fitness as “fat” happiness “thin”

As a star child observation program broadcast to the sixth period, mei ting in the camera to record also has just given birth to son Yang Yang happiness “fat”, to the recent “thin” health. Mei ting half-naked and husband bathtub boating on April 27, mei ting through weibo upload a boating and husband bath crock funny video.

It is necessary to know the spring fitness nutrition little common sense

Some female friends decreases fatter more found in the process of weight loss, some weight is cut down, but also physical strength, beauty, a piece of attenuation. “Lean body mass,” how many determines the effect of the shape, also help women friends make easy to thin the important guarantee of the constitution, because the same weight of fat is four times the size of the muscle.

Five kinds of water sports Summer fitness good choice

Sorching summer, choose swimming fitness is a very happy thing. Water can protect the body from damage during exercise, still can enjoy SPA comfortable rest, let the comfortable feeling from the inside out activists and cool the people around you is not clear whether suffering from pink eye, so don’t share with others items, should bring their own towels and switch to a clothes, don’t rub your eyes when you swim

What should be ready for the summer fitness

Refers to the formal preparation before exercise body exercises, reasonable and full preparation activities is any fitness sports, competitive sports training, important steps must be completed before the match. Overcome the internal organs of the physiological inertia is the important role of preparation, any object must overcome inertia to move forward, such as when we took a car, train, from the starting to the high speed, physical inertia to overcome.

Share the fitness class, pseudo demand or fitness industry pioneers?

A four or five square meters of glass house, inside a running machine, equipped with TV, air conditioner, air purifier, which is “sharing” named one of the latest products: fitness class. Nearly a month, Shared fitness class some of Beijing’s landing area, great attention, in a short period of time the financing of more than thirty million yuan. Shared fitness room with its ease of use of fragmented time into the community, to pay infrastructure and derive income rapid development as the main profit model.