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Walking like that can enhance renal function

“He said, is not a daily shave men less sex climax, probably because of its low male hormones, or simply because the unmarried, so less chance of having sex. As for stroke risk is high, one possible explanation is that they cycle level of sex hormones in the body, may affect the degree of fat deposition in the artery. Studies have found that a patent for a fashion model “catwalk”, has a strong kidney enhance sexual function.

The big four function decline, 44, is the man’s life crisis

44 years old, is a male a cordon and turning point of life, the four indicators of male life functions fall across: give priority to with renal dysfunction of the five zang-organs, sustain the gonad axis of male sexual function imbalance, and the male hormone secretion decline, various immune nutrition is lack, the male life function decline, reflected in the psychological, sexual, physical ability, posture, immunity, anti-aging, and other aspects.

Men often do squats with special function

The squat for a lot of friends, must not be a stranger, as the common forms of athletic performance, the squat tend to be used as auxiliary exercise method of physical exercise, and can promote the limb of the circulation of the blood. Squats on the advantages of different people often have different characteristics, so if you are in health or disease to the purpose of adjuvant therapy combined with the actual situation of the concrete.