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How should man care about their health care

Have a healthy body, can be said to be the busy modern man’s best wish. Due to abnormal diet, mental pressure big civilizations disease caused by factors such as, and occupational diseases emerge in endlessly. To keep healthy and don’t have much time, how to do? Small make up to provide the necessary ingredients of five men, detailed introduces the every kind of food health value and edible method, convenient office in the home to eat, to enhance resistance to disease, thus achieve the purpose of maintaining health. Modern men want to be able to help to get the nutrients your body needs, easy to improve physical fitness, promote healthy body!

To count the semen of men’s and women’s health benefits!

Sex male sperm injection is has the function of a normal man, semen can pass the vagina, ovulating female fertility. But sperm can only let the woman pregnant? Semen for men and women mean? What are the benefits of semen for woman? Believe that the article P elder sister share today can help you…

These few men drink tea the keeping in good health

Men in busy every day, whether it’s career or your life, can make men tired deeply, but will also affect the psychology has brought great harm, we need to pay attention to the male way of kidney, at ordinary times avoid male occurrence kidney, but also pay attention to preserve one’s health, below, explain men several health tea.

Urine far kidney? Look at men’s health from urinate height

Recent studies suggest that men’s sexual dysfunction (ED) and has a certain correlation between voiding dysfunction. Spray during urination urine height is determined by two important factors, that is the power – prompted the urine bladder muscle contraction ability, and influence from urine urethral discharge resistance, the degree of urethral patency.

Love in the early morning 9 big health benefits

In men’s testosterone levels in the early morning will be about 25% higher than the rest of the day, when your hormones are quietly boiling – although sometimes imperceptible. If you raise the cats and dogs in the home, don’t forget to put them outside the bedroom door shut, you don’t want to let them at a critical moment to jump to go to bed!

Inventory five male health crisis will teach you how to solve

Many middle-aged their 40 s and 50 s, there is a common sense that the pace of life faster and faster, work also more and more busy, everyone is like a fast running a part of the machine, also can’t stop. Man hasn’t begun to hair loss, should pay attention to try to reduce the work pressure and bad mental stimulation, eating and living must rule, eat more vegetables and fruits.

About “health” a few things you should know most!

Nowadays, the influence of family harmony, premature ejaculation, the incidence is 25% – 30%; The incidence of male prostatitis is about 8.4% in our country, but if a male with multiple partners, his prostatitis incidence rate will reach 26%; 35 to 45 years old, reproductive capacity has gradually declined, can indirectly caused increased the incidence of infertility and the number of… It is not hard to see from these data, husband and wife life to “sex”, must want to play “sexual” battle.