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This is the husband and wife the most effort to sex position in life!

No matter how, in the process of sex sex is a very energetic. Sex, the equivalent of jogging two kilometers. What can you do to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, both without tired panting? P elder sister comprehensive book enjoy sex in the United States are the most efficient to sex posture, do lower plate for you

4 effectively improve the quality of life of husband and wife

She is wearing a silk dress, white skin, a pair of twin peaks be vividly portrayed, cleavage is like concealed, the sexy dress up in the cracks, this will make the man’s eyes. Recently, the us men’s health “with Britain, the guardian published stories at the same time, points out that in the eyes of man, naked is not sexy, looming just let them to occupy more. The more a woman the more cover body, a man want to see.

Income affect the quality of life of husband and wife

Always think sex have great relationship with two personal feelings, has nothing to do with much less money. High earners and the way of another kind of enjoy porn, such as watching a warmth in the car but have sex scenes of the film, with rippling in the car open tender feelings sweet meaning, pull a curtain, into two people “world of passion.

Life of husband and wife have the amazing benefits

Everyone is eager to have a deep, sweet sleep, but a variety of reasons cause insomnia, often bothering you. And the movement of muscle contraction in the sex, can hasten the blood flow in the pelvis area, enter the total blood circulation, and reduce the pressure of the pelvis, so as to reduce abdominal discomfort. Care memo: appropriate sex helps prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, memory is strong.

50 years old man husband and wife life will know before 7

Warm touching foreplay, helps the body completely relaxed, is beneficial to fully erect penis, also can effectively prolong sex. Men in the fifties, the glans penis will gradually lose the color of purple, this is mainly because the blood running decreased, moreover, the penis skin becomes slack. From 50 to 70 years old, the penis size shrink 1 — 3 cm, but it won’t keep.

Husband and wife live with this pose easy injury privates

In general, the male cavernosa flexible, wrapped in a layer of tough white membrane, the location of the penis is also very hidden, usually not easy to damage. In 120 before the arrival of the “injured man” you should calm down first, for example, good lay prostrate, use ice packs on wounds 15-20 minutes.

These techniques to husband and wife life “”

In the husband and wife sex life, there will always be a complain about each other is not on the one hand, don’t know how, always, but actually it is harmonious and healthy sex life needs the joint efforts of both sides of husband and wife, so, we should learn to add more power to husband and wife of sex.

Once the husband and wife life can change a few times at most

Many men think, sexual life and considerate lover, means with superb skills made her get satisfied. Frequent replacement technique, may interrupt sexual stimulation, like mountain climbing to the midway, but back again, hurt women get satisfied, and suggest a transformation at most three.

These actions most likely to “defeat” husband and wife

Couples sex life, should not only pay attention to sexual technique, but also pay attention to the psychological perfect experience. On the one hand, in the process of sex outside must not talk about sex, or is likely to make sex interrupt, climax.” When the other party defeated by your attack, even if in a hurry to run to complete all of your cleaning requirements, estimated that fire is extinguished in the heart.