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These actions most likely to “defeat” husband and wife

Couples sex life, should not only pay attention to sexual technique, but also pay attention to the psychological perfect experience. On the one hand, in the process of sex outside must not talk about sex, or is likely to make sex interrupt, climax.” When the other party defeated by your attack, even if in a hurry to run to complete all of your cleaning requirements, estimated that fire is extinguished in the heart.

Husband and wife life after a performance indicates serious illness

Joss buehler is at loyola university in Chicago in the United States department of nerve, director of the year he cured countless patients with stroke. But last year, he encountered a strange case. According to the radio and television reported on September 15, this female patient is only 35 years old, non-smoker, healthy life, and no high risk factors of cardiovascular disease. That day, and her husband after a joyous love, she began to feel left facial palsy, then talk slow, my left arm. The family sent her to the hospital right away.

Husband and wife life stand in the way of harmony

Ma Fu married for three years have not been able to birth, in the evening, watching their peers with a baby for a walk, let alone more envy. The old man kept pushing them in the home, although it is harmonious and always can not bear fruit, he and his wife in this pressure is very big. Erectile failure occurred for the first time in six months ago, when he and his wife

Ten good way to let husband and wife life more

Due to the work and life rhythm speeding up, a lot of people busy all day long, did not even husband and wife life time and thought. The American institute of sexology, according to a survey 15% of men and a third of women are lack of regular life desire.

Without a husband and wife life or one kind of cancer

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Heng) reporter recently from a associated with cervical cancer prevention and control of the meeting, the third hospital of Beijing university professor Guo Gongyan director of department of gynaecology at the meeting said: “can cause cervical cancer is currently the only clear, early prevention and treatment of malignant tumor, can be completely eradicated. Early detection is treated early against cervical cancer is the most effective method, through clinical detection of early detection precancerous lesions, to play an important role in cervical cancer prevention.”

Husband and wife will master the skill before life

Among sex, many couples think of sex skills are nothing more than a variety of positions change, preparation of foreplay, etc., few people would think of take off your clothes can also be sex need to master an aspect of sexual technique. At this time to take off the clothes to side towards each other, in this way, you elegant strip not only the feeling, also can give a person a feeling of peep fairy bath.

1 incident should not be husband and wife life

ED is a kind of common disease, consistently and repeatedly cannot obtain the penis or maintain a satisfactory finish the erectile tissue of the sex. If the meal immediately after having sex, the penis blood will appear problem, erectile hardness is not enough, just having sex can cause penile vascular endothelial cell damage, in the long term there will be a male erectile dysfunction.

Husband and wife before bedtime to strengthen these parts of the massage effect is amazing

Before sleeping, both husband and wife to strengthen these parts of the massage, can increase the appeal of the husband and wife have can promote blood flow, nourishes the body organs. Kill two birds with one stone of it. Suggest that couples might as well a massage before you go to sleep meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, in order to easily achieve the goal of fitness and add feelings.

After getting up a action to improve ability of husband and wife

Men have a higher sexual ability is a blessing, not only can fully be men in sexual life charm, but also can improve the self-confidence of man. On tiptoe, calf muscles will have strength to shrinkage, promote the blood circulation, make lower limb blood flow more smoothly and make the penis get blood, thus to extend the time of erection.

Ten things easily mess up your husband and wife life

“A bad impression to a good impression to make up for the ten”, but in sex, some sexual misconduct tend to have a chance to remedy very hard. During sex suddenly stopped to pick up the phone or mail back to information, can produce neglected feeling, let love libido could disappear immediately.