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The squat practice action is to improve the ability of man’s will

As a man, to be strong to looks very strong, just pulled you have more girls. In today’s society, the appearance of the weak, who would like? If you want to become more powerful and want to show off their beautiful bodies in the summer, want to healthy weight loss, in addition to fitness, you have no other choice!

Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these food to improve energy supplement testosterone

After 40 years of age, the most important androgen – testosterone in men will begin to decrease, thus likely to lead to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression and other issues. Supplement testosterone can improve men some common problems. However, “medicine to eat. Recently, the us website MSN please experts names can increase testosterone levels of food. Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these foods, to improve energy to supplement the male hormone, 10 years younger!

4 effectively improve the quality of life of husband and wife

She is wearing a silk dress, white skin, a pair of twin peaks be vividly portrayed, cleavage is like concealed, the sexy dress up in the cracks, this will make the man’s eyes. Recently, the us men’s health “with Britain, the guardian published stories at the same time, points out that in the eyes of man, naked is not sexy, looming just let them to occupy more. The more a woman the more cover body, a man want to see.

Improve male charm is the golden rule

David Beckham is a soccer player, but the body to send out unique charm and sex appeal attracted tens of thousands of female fans, he was dubbed the “lady”. Specific advice: when talking to some nonverbal information is very important to improve charm, stand up straight, with open arms, with his critical eye contact, etc.

A man can rely on it to improve spluttered pa skills

Men around the shower shower nozzle can be used to warm water to the penis, it can increase local blood circulation, alleviate the fatigue of testis and penis, help an erection. The specific method is: first rinse with warm water body, after being warm the body, with low temperature water washing perineum, penis and scrotum contraction after the high temperature, so 3 ~ 5 times can end.

After getting up a action to improve ability of husband and wife

Men have a higher sexual ability is a blessing, not only can fully be men in sexual life charm, but also can improve the self-confidence of man. On tiptoe, calf muscles will have strength to shrinkage, promote the blood circulation, make lower limb blood flow more smoothly and make the penis get blood, thus to extend the time of erection.

Men how to improve the quality of sperm

A male ejaculation can release about 200 million sperm, finally only one sperm “Deus ex” into the egg cell, form a fertilized egg, life began. In general, sperm quality including the sperm quantity, sperm density and sperm in the total number of sperm, sperm agglutination, sperm vitality and living rate, sperm morphology, semen liquefaction and seminal plasma composition etc., can with semen routine assay to detect in clinical.

Chinese wolfberry improve impotence eating so much

Impotence, decreased libido is common to the male sexual dysfunction, not only affect the feelings of husband and wife, also a layer on the cloud to family life. Pull the ear: hands crossed on the chest, right hand thumb and index finger holding left earlobe, left hand between thumb and index finger right earlobe, lightly pulled down at the same time, repeat under 20.

Men how to improve the quality of sperm The secret is in the food

Sperm is a leading role in the process of conception and form an important part of a fertilized egg. Nearly half a century, as the environmental pollution, contain pesticides and insecticides food intake and life pressure increasing, the male sperm quality is declining worldwide, sperm count by nearly half. Study found that sperm counts and high vitality of men are usually a large number of feeding rich in folic acid, vitamin C, lycopene, polyphenols antioxidants fresh and vegetable fruit.