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Man 3 point touch strong kidney essence

Acupuncture point keeping in good health is a lot of people like to use a way of keeping in good health, now many people are busy working, so it is a big problem to health problems. Kidney empty is met a lot of people, so usually do to keep the kidney? Below small make up some common methods for everybody, everybody can try oh!

Man kidney three harm, all are killing me

Now more and more social pressure, for men, if suffering from kidney empty is not problem, really can’t afford to let a man look up to, in terms of sex of husband and wife, the more nervous worry, the less, in the long run, will form a vicious circle, the harm of kidney empty is bigger and bigger. Just look at the below what are the three major harm kidney empty.

A good kidney, five gold standard!

Data show that the incidence of chronic kidney disease in China rise year by year, for every 10 people in the city, just one; The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the kidney is the foundation of the birth, is the dirty of Tibetan essence, head of the human body physiological functions such as growth, reproductive reproduction. Although renal function strong, however, is a fragile organ. Therefore, we should always be

Everyday eat these food kidney and spleen

Kidney is keeping in good health topic of people’s more attention, the method of kidney has a lot of, in addition to filling kidney method using some drugs, daily food can also be strong kidney health, so do not despise the dietotherapy method of kidney.

Daily male kidney empty to eat what good

The original title: daily male kidney empty to eat what Chinese traditional medicine is good for kidney empty this problem, so men are very attention. The male kidney empty? Daily male kidney empty to eat what good? Although there are many kinds of kidney way, but experts favorite strong kidney method besides diet and Chinese medicine medication, other are not recommended

Effect of raw material, the kidney is not the general good

Single eat pumpkin seed kernels, that is be filling, if attached to the outside shell with together, have to fill a drain. A school teacher, television host, they have a common affliction: because of work reasons, must speak a lot, cause the throat is uncomfortable for a long time, with a lot of medicine doesn’t work.

A trickle of urine All cure kidney empty

For the upright man urinating, shall have the right of the toilet. Experts point out that, when the man pee, do not talk too much, but should be “teeth”. Why is this? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the kidneys over urinatinganddefecating and its discharge all relies on the gasification of kidney and kidney Yang warm and moist.

Early autumn so that sleep can kidney, kidney all ills

The body of the left kidney Yang, right kidney Yin. Left kidney function of fu, right kidney governs the five zang-organs. The warm glow of kidney of insides plays a vital, nourish and moisten, inspire, and so on. In the kidney, also called yuan jing, is the motive power of life. Kidney empty is weakened vitality, a variety of diseases. Autumn kidney can lay the foundation for the coming winter, strengthen the body’s ability to cope with the cold, so is a good time to kidney.

Often eat a thing kidney tonifying spleen stomach treatment

Social pressure let a man more and more not confident, this is not just work, but also in life, for example, on the bed, can’t be perfect. Kidney empty will enter, to subvert the sex harmony between man and woman. So, for men who have a kidney empty, in the usual life, what method can kidney, specific how to do!