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Early autumn so that sleep can kidney, kidney all ills

The body of the left kidney Yang, right kidney Yin. Left kidney function of fu, right kidney governs the five zang-organs. The warm glow of kidney of insides plays a vital, nourish and moisten, inspire, and so on. In the kidney, also called yuan jing, is the motive power of life. Kidney empty is weakened vitality, a variety of diseases. Autumn kidney can lay the foundation for the coming winter, strengthen the body’s ability to cope with the cold, so is a good time to kidney.

Qiu dong kidney you should do so

In Beijing in October, has entered the late autumn. Early next month, is about to usher in the beginning of winter Chinese solar terms. The beginning of winter, means that the arrival of winter. After the beginning of winter, sunshine time continue to reduce, and the temperature continues to decline, the colder weather. Living in Beijing and northern region of the people’s need of a modest supplements, in winter.

Five major symptoms associated with kidney empty

Kidney empty, once appeared as men to do, can let a man become very panic, so men are put an end to the emergence of the kidney. You know the time of occurrence kidney with the advent of what are the symptoms? Men in daily what to do can prevent kidney empty?

To count the most injured kidney five big bad habit, like to do most people under the age of 30

The function of kidney is the body of harmful substances and excess water discharge, it ACTS as a “human cleaner” role. The importance of the kidney, for men is the vitality of the reproductive system; For all people, healthy kidney represents the young vitality, kidney is bad disease, aging, will occur. Chinese often say that the kidney is the foundation of the innate, this was not a bit false.

Man this place kidney, the better the more flexible

Kidney is the traditional Chinese medicine on another way, it generally refers to the kidney essence of Yin and Yang deficiency, including kidney Yin deficiency and Yang two kinds, if it is happen to men often associated with sexual performance and reproductive function decline. So men are afraid of kidney empty. How do you know his kidney is good, the man have a kidney empty?

Do these two points, powerful supplement kidney energy, each all not afraid cold in winter

The biggest benefit of the winter, is the ability to test out of your body, whether sufficient energy. It might be more persuasive than physical examination. Those indicators in the physical examination, the body can not see enough of energy, but afraid of the cold in winter, it must be a lack of energy. If you compared to the others, or more than their normal to the cold, this means your body energy shortage.

Can know kidney look at 3 o ‘clock

Here are three small coup, let you don’t have to go to the hospital, can determine whether his kidney to a certain extent. We can determine a person’s level of kidney empty, from three aspects to consider: the degree of forgetfulness, complexion, urine function. People with this a few aspects, we should pay more attention to, take time to recuperate and kidney otherwise it will be more and more serious.

Five kinds of cheap food most man kidney

Chronic kidney disease is a major health threat, in addition to drug therapy, by adjusting the diet also helps reduce the risk of kidney disease. Study found that in edible oils such as olive oil instead of butter, such as heart disease, cancer and kidney disease incidence was significantly lower. The apple contains a lot of help fight inflammation compounds, and k content is lower, the perfect snack is to protect the kidneys.

Do you know? Men ate the most strong kidney essence of 6 kinds of food

“The compendium gleanings,” the lamb with ginseng, think it is removing meat taste, strong, strong body. Adult males often eat meat can improve caused by kidney deficiency, lumbar debility, erectile weakness and other symptoms. The pigeon meat, pigeon eggs and medlar steamed or soup to eat together, can make the penis erection is more powerful.

Men must read: get up take 1 minutes to kidney

After a lot of people wake up, I often feel dizzy, the whole body no matter, sometimes tinnitus. With one hand thumb stomach press another finger nails side or back, deduction of pull slippage pop-up, the index finger back on, it can effectively relieve fatigue. With two palm press plane ears, hands index finger and middle finger and ring finger tapping the brain after the occipital, respectively.