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The running form of four kinds of errors affect figure

Running is the most common forms of exercise. Running all the soles of your feet on the ground, it is easy to “squat”, easy cause tibia periostitis, long-term impact is easy to run into type O. Before running, foot touchdown will strongly stimulate the calf muscles, after a long time can cause leg coarsens, form “turnip leg”.

The 10 kinds of walking the killed the cat

Body will forward when playing go, walk only tiptoe kicks to the ground, and then a bent knees, heel is upwards. The walk., should strengthen the tibia, ankle and calf exercise of power, the simplest way to walking on tiptoe, toes point ground and heel method.

Five kinds of water sports Summer fitness good choice

Sorching summer, choose swimming fitness is a very happy thing. Water can protect the body from damage during exercise, still can enjoy SPA comfortable rest, let the comfortable feeling from the inside out activists and cool the people around you is not clear whether suffering from pink eye, so don’t share with others items, should bring their own towels and switch to a clothes, don’t rub your eyes when you swim

6 kinds of experiences of sexual intercourse to last a lifetime

Recently, a big American dating sites send a survey to 2500 registered member, please the list of the most memorable sexual experience yourself. The results found that, in the heart of a woman, a perfect sexual experience than men thought simple. The honeymoon sex. The vast majority of people losing their virginity sex is not very desirable,

Five kinds of cheap food most man kidney

Chronic kidney disease is a major health threat, in addition to drug therapy, by adjusting the diet also helps reduce the risk of kidney disease. Study found that in edible oils such as olive oil instead of butter, such as heart disease, cancer and kidney disease incidence was significantly lower. The apple contains a lot of help fight inflammation compounds, and k content is lower, the perfect snack is to protect the kidneys.

Away from the five kinds of fine food

Food had a lot to do with sexual and reproductive ability. Published in the journal human reproduction, according to a study of adult male full-fat dairy products every day, such as cheese or milk, less energetic sperm count. Substitutes: try to eat more green, organic food, raw fruits and vegetables to wash to the skin.