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Sprint training methods how to effectively train

1. The speed training sprint is the need for speed training, first prepare activities, elongated activities, coordination exercises, running or elastic; Speed training, 30 meters, 60 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters, in addition to running exercise special activities, also can undertake: lift a leg hanging or sit-ups help enhance strength, fast strength;

Four kinds of methods to help men lean kidney

There are many ways and kidneys remedy deficiency. Waist of renal mansion, beneficiary often do massage, can control the elderly because of the slow muscle strain caused by kidney, back pain, etc. Specific method is: two hands to rub to palm after heating, respectively on the waist, the hand to the skin, massage waist, up and down until there are thermal, in the morning and do 1 time, about 200 times, each time with kidney gas effect.

Let men play “protracted war” four methods

Core tip: in the conjugal love of husband and wife, the role of being a warrior is the dream of every male, and every wife to her husband’s expectations. Behavioral therapy: namely “sexy concentrated training method”, this method can treat all kinds of sexual dysfunction, need to couple with and stick with it and somewhat tedious.

Four methods for Yang in make you more magnificent

The original title: 80% of the disease was caused by a lack of sun be the spirit! 4 methods greatly tonifying Yang in, let your majesty! Around 80% of modern sun be the spirit is not enough, many people all sorts of gynecopathy, rhinitis, high blood pressure, three days two head hospital run, perennial by these chronic illnesses, is typical of the Yang deficiency symptoms. “Yellow