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So running 5 minutes a day open

According to the United States the New York times reported, according to a large sample study, running every day on average than people without running habit, thirty years of life and running every day 5 minutes to achieve health effect.” He said, the study did not explore why and how to run directly affects the risk of a premature death, and no direct explore whether running is the only can bring the benefits of exercise.

25 minutes of fast walking every day open

According to foreign media reports, according to a study in Germany, a brisk walk 25 minutes a day, can prolong life seven years; For people over the age of 50 to 60 years old, the risk of heart disease can also be cut in half. Studies have pointed out that the people of normal weight if does not love sports, compared with the positive movement of the fat man, death will be 3.1 years in advance.

Men must read: get up take 1 minutes to kidney

After a lot of people wake up, I often feel dizzy, the whole body no matter, sometimes tinnitus. With one hand thumb stomach press another finger nails side or back, deduction of pull slippage pop-up, the index finger back on, it can effectively relieve fatigue. With two palm press plane ears, hands index finger and middle finger and ring finger tapping the brain after the occipital, respectively.

Really is a green onion for ten minutes can fill a Yang?

As the saying goes, “a green onion, ten minutes,” many men think that eating green Chinese onion has strong aphrodisiac effect. Green Chinese onion is rich in a variety of nutrients, can relax blood vessels, promote blood circulation, good for cardiovascular. In the general population are edible leeks, people with gastrointestinal tract disease unfavorable feed more; Virtual table, the sweat also should diet; Too much eating Onions will damage the eyesight.

Married men eat it every day, let you points minutes fast kidney, the body back to 20 years old

There are many “man cave” in traditional Chinese medicine, take a few minutes a day, insist for a long time can have the effect of kidney strong sun. Black sesame seed for hair loss due to kidney deficiency, early white, dry skin, constipation of middle-aged and old friends to eat, can directly eat or stir until cooked. Add to the pastry. 3: black fungus, mulberry, black buckwheat, sea cucumber, fleece-flower root, etc the black food is also very beneficial to the kidney.