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Men often do this movement let the body better

Cycling is a more comfortable enjoy, as long as you insist to take exercise every day, and practice with running will have very good effect. Cost 200 to 600 calories per hour, activities, relax and exercise muscle joints, nothing better than swimming can shape the movement of the body.

The movement is the easiest to knee joint damage

People with knee osteoarthritis, the first thing to avoid knee joint fatigue, up and down the stairs, climbing less and less as far as possible little long standing, less weight, less squat for a long time, these actions make the knee joint load is too large, easy to aggravate. With knee lesions of the elderly should climb, climb stairs, less as far as possible when climbing up the mountain and can walk, can be equipped with a pair of lightweight simultaneously auxiliary climbing, cross-country cane can reduce the damage of the knee joint in the process of marching.

What intensity movement most lose fat?

Through the exercise to lose weight, do moderate intensity is best. High intensity exercise is muscle glycogen energy supply is bigger, the proportion of moderate intensity is better than fat. Determine what is suitable medium intensity exercise, introduce to you the following five kinds of calculation methods:

The Internet’s first movement on perfect curtain drops starting the new train of thought of the “sports culture”

Drops on September 22, 2016, the first fully sports theme on “hot open, from executives to grass-roots, actively participate in each department and the scene more than two hundred employees with hectic opening zumba dance began with the theme of” movement “beginning of the carnival activities, the whole activity lasted two hours. Several executives affinity to lead and participate in, and fully shows the enterprise vitality and unlimited green energy, the perfect interpretation of its internal sports culture, the innovation enterprise staff care new pattern.

The world recognized the most fat burn five big movement

In sports, fat is an important goal of every lover. Recently, foreign media released the fat killer movement list, go to see the most burning fat six big movement: rowing machine as a kind of efficient aerobic exercise, rowing machines in use need more muscle group mutual cooperate, can burn fat fast. According to the authority to measure

One often overlooked movement is passion

When love gone, if you ignore the intimate contact with your partner? The United States, according to a study in the partnership is in the darkest hour, just 5 minutes physical contact can make emotional ties to light. Reporter integrated the “prevention” medical journal report, teach you 9 move quickly reduce the distance to each other, rekindling the spark of love.