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13 is often ignored by men of a serious illness

For a male friend, a lot of cancer symptom is similar with other symptoms of the disease. As a result, many men thus causing the delay. There are 13 small signal is often ignored by men, may be hidden behind the cancer!

Often eat a thing kidney tonifying spleen stomach treatment

Social pressure let a man more and more not confident, this is not just work, but also in life, for example, on the bed, can’t be perfect. Kidney empty will enter, to subvert the sex harmony between man and woman. So, for men who have a kidney empty, in the usual life, what method can kidney, specific how to do!

Men often do this movement let the body better

Cycling is a more comfortable enjoy, as long as you insist to take exercise every day, and practice with running will have very good effect. Cost 200 to 600 calories per hour, activities, relax and exercise muscle joints, nothing better than swimming can shape the movement of the body.

Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these food to improve energy supplement testosterone

After 40 years of age, the most important androgen – testosterone in men will begin to decrease, thus likely to lead to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression and other issues. Supplement testosterone can improve men some common problems. However, “medicine to eat. Recently, the us website MSN please experts names can increase testosterone levels of food. Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these foods, to improve energy to supplement the male hormone, 10 years younger!

One often overlooked movement is passion

When love gone, if you ignore the intimate contact with your partner? The United States, according to a study in the partnership is in the darkest hour, just 5 minutes physical contact can make emotional ties to light. Reporter integrated the “prevention” medical journal report, teach you 9 move quickly reduce the distance to each other, rekindling the spark of love.

Men often do squats with special function

The squat for a lot of friends, must not be a stranger, as the common forms of athletic performance, the squat tend to be used as auxiliary exercise method of physical exercise, and can promote the limb of the circulation of the blood. Squats on the advantages of different people often have different characteristics, so if you are in health or disease to the purpose of adjuvant therapy combined with the actual situation of the concrete.

Sun be the spirit is insufficient, make this an action often open

Many people have such a feeling, a in the winter cold feet, neck son take after some cool wind, some female alvine hair cool, older people tend to think the knee and hand joints. When the sun be the spirit is insufficient, qi and blood clot after cold, often not only can promote the blood circulation in the hands, rub hand can also prevent frostbite.