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Steal the couple “orgasm” be sure to pay attention to the details of the!

Sex is an indispensable part of life, husband and wife orgasm can make men and women get extreme pleasure in sexual life, help to improve the relationship, promote health of body and mind. British woman’s day magazine once for the climax of unknown secret do some inventory. Today, p elder sister is under study together with everybody about climax of those things! Look for influence of several factors between male and female orgasms, early away from them!

Men and women orgasm body how the magic happens?

Orgasm, although only a few minutes, to take to person’s joy can last more than 10 days. , according to the “MSNBC” sex the wonderful feeling of peak generates a series of chemicals, let a person aftertaste that wonderful moment, often keep a good mood. Orgasm is reached the peak of the extreme pleasure when men and women in sexual life, the body is a series of magic happens. The line between male and female orgasms? How to distinguish between men and women reached orgasm? P elder sister share can give you the answer today.

After the female orgasm 5 big performance

After make love to cry, will be so excited? This may be the reaction of the central nervous excitement that causes muscle contraction. Actually female orgasm when there are a lot of responses, but some women never had a orgasm, what is the real orgasm?

How to prolong the female orgasm

Every woman desire to orgasm, but every time it is impossible. Women want to have an orgasm, should be in quality fluctuation kongfu sex. All in all, on the other side will not suffer damage and allows for a comprehensive range of stimulus, pleasure would rise, directly to orgasm.