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Look from the sensitive parts of women that hobby

What kind of figure of a man to satisfy her desire. Is a woman’s exposed collarbone sign “sexy”, is also one of the private parts of the leakage, she naturally revel in your kiss. For many women, like a long, careful sex lip on the stimulation of the breast, more full of charm.

Husband and wife before bedtime to strengthen these parts of the massage effect is amazing

Before sleeping, both husband and wife to strengthen these parts of the massage, can increase the appeal of the husband and wife have can promote blood flow, nourishes the body organs. Kill two birds with one stone of it. Suggest that couples might as well a massage before you go to sleep meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, in order to easily achieve the goal of fitness and add feelings.

Kidney massage six parts to build the strongest man

Massage, rub them on fever, according to the beneficiary, pause for a moment, and then rub down hard to rump parts (long hole). Dry rub the front left foot back with his left hand, right hand rub 100 times up and down the soles, so that the soles fever; In with his left hand to rub his right foot arch.

Women love men which parts of the body?

48.2% of men see women were it to fall for the first time before ~ P elder sister to introduce you to the man’s eyes for the first time to see a woman the most like to watch… Stab the above title can review! Then, there is a net friend message me where women love? Don’t worry, P elder sister today will give you find the answer!

Woman: what parts of the body is the most sensitive (FIG.)

For women, around the shoulder is very sensitive, massage gently with the hand, kissed, swimming with the tip of the tongue along the left and right shoulder peak, occasionally will make women feel sense of being conquered. With the palms of your hands gently hold her toes, stimulate the big toe and feed between the toe, will make her very relaxing.

Which parts of a woman is excited

As lr 3 hole with hands on the foot of valley point is remedial bad mood affect the medicine of the valley point at hand, in the lr 3 hole corresponding to the position, to suit the lr 3 hole, can let a person calm, rational. Lr 3 hole is one of the important points on the liver meridian, it not only can adjust liver, liver easier to support the toxin, and suffered can calm, quickly feel relieved.

Which parts of the women most want to be kissed

Women want most is to kiss the parts which women most want to be the part of the kiss is the neck, instead of the lips. 96% of women want to be kissed neck, only 10% of the men have this feeling. Lady in red more attractive to men, “European journal of social psychology, published a new study has found that, in both sexes, and wear green clothes

Which parts of the female value most men

For women of the world, man shape good hip is the most important part of the man. Why is this? Physiologists say, gluteal muscle men in sexual contact with a direct impact, this means that the man has a better reproductive opportunities, it is also an important for characteristics of instructions.