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90% of people do not know it was the important cause of erectile dysfunction

Near the sacroiliac joints within a iliac artery, supply the visceral blood vessels and coxal muscle; In the left and right iliac artery internal teams each have a important branch of supply of the penis. Main iliac arteries, plaque deposition luminal stenosis, the initial presentation of many people is not lower limb intermittent claudication, but erectile dysfunction.

Partners can’t stand 20 things many people lost in the first

Every couple hope and TA sweet harmony, but real life is often a chicken feathers, two people get along in the hard to avoid can have knock against and friction. A lot of problems, it is common phenomenon in couples will appear. Life some casual small move, sometimes moments that make people change the opinion of someone, even may affect the affection between the partners.

Experts say running unhealthy: most people running form is not correct

Reference news net, Russian media reported on December 3rd, the international academia 1, issued a list of workblanks sports, running “modestly” in the end.” For strength training lovers are encouraging news: equipment training is also strengthened the telomeres, but in another way, and the effect is not running well.

To count the most injured kidney five big bad habit, like to do most people under the age of 30

The function of kidney is the body of harmful substances and excess water discharge, it ACTS as a “human cleaner” role. The importance of the kidney, for men is the vitality of the reproductive system; For all people, healthy kidney represents the young vitality, kidney is bad disease, aging, will occur. Chinese often say that the kidney is the foundation of the innate, this was not a bit false.

Why 60% of people kiss first right?

4, can kiss kiss will stimulate the production of saliva, and saliva contains calcium and phosphorus, is good for teeth and gums cleaner, can effectively prevent tooth decay. 6, can the pain passionate kissing can make human body hormone secretion and morphine – endorphins, and a kiss of endorphins effect is equivalent to a piece of painkillers, antibiotics, kiss saliva will automatically create the same anesthesia effect can help the pain.

Women fur, it suggested that the matter! Many people don’t know

Because her arms and legs on the fur is thick, even more than some boys. For example, white hair is yellow and black, this is mainly associated with the location of life, white high latitude area of life, the cold weather, hair more it is better to keep out the cold. These physiological factors caused by hairy, testosterone, some more than others, will not cause harm to health.