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So walk can prolong life easily

The U.S. government to the adults proposal, at least once a week for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, his pace is belong to this category. Researchers in Japan as early as 2007, found that intermittent walking (3 minutes his pace, and then the 3 minutes walking) can improve the strength of the legs for the elderly, and can lower blood pressure.

Article 8 the advice to prolong the life of man

Men than women die? This is not a curse. Men fall in love, adventurous personality, try to be brave and competitive high basal metabolic physiological characteristics and social pressure than women; Male sex chromosomes are XY, exist immune regulatory gene on the X chromosome is less than the sex chromosomes for XX women, repair the compensation function is worse than women, so life is shorter than women.

A man so 1 hours a day can prolong time of sexual intercourse

Longer and longer, it is men’s tireless pursuit. Therefore, men willing to try different drugs and treatments. But a study at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands found that there are “happy hormones,” said the serotonin is a kind of pleasant of neurotransmitters, its content is high and low and active degree determines the sex persistent or not.

How to prolong the female orgasm

Every woman desire to orgasm, but every time it is impossible. Women want to have an orgasm, should be in quality fluctuation kongfu sex. All in all, on the other side will not suffer damage and allows for a comprehensive range of stimulus, pleasure would rise, directly to orgasm.