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The running form of four kinds of errors affect figure

Running is the most common forms of exercise. Running all the soles of your feet on the ground, it is easy to “squat”, easy cause tibia periostitis, long-term impact is easy to run into type O. Before running, foot touchdown will strongly stimulate the calf muscles, after a long time can cause leg coarsens, form “turnip leg”.

So running 5 minutes a day open

According to the United States the New York times reported, according to a large sample study, running every day on average than people without running habit, thirty years of life and running every day 5 minutes to achieve health effect.” He said, the study did not explore why and how to run directly affects the risk of a premature death, and no direct explore whether running is the only can bring the benefits of exercise.

Running really can change the appearance? See I was stunned

Speak really, running is really a plastic knife. The possibility of running to lose weight, there is no quick fix. As is the most beautiful running and reading. SAN MAO said: “reading is much, the appearance of natural change. Sports never wronged you, know his companion. Finely ZaMo, running, pretty cool!

Experts say running unhealthy: most people running form is not correct

Reference news net, Russian media reported on December 3rd, the international academia 1, issued a list of workblanks sports, running “modestly” in the end.” For strength training lovers are encouraging news: equipment training is also strengthened the telomeres, but in another way, and the effect is not running well.

Why can’t running help me lose weight thin body?

Running many reasons, one of the most of them are hopes & other; Running & throughout; To lose weight and fat loss. Ideal is good, but the reality is cruel. Many people are running after a period of time can’t see the effect, make you instantly be full of confidence. In fact, using run as