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The three body secret dealings women hide

Know many women in the process of communication, at ordinary times to show their best side to her boyfriend and at the same time some will be “difficult” body hidden secret. So, women will hide secrets body exactly what? To this end, Japan Peachy website published stories about the relationship with her boyfriend when women are the three hidden secret body.

Husband and wife’s secret for a long time you know how many?

When men and women’s marriage, want to grow old together, hand in hand, life, and to achieve this goal, might as well according to the women’s health magazine please several marriage at ten Suggestions are given to efforts. British one recent study found that couples to sleep apart, not the distance of an inch (2.5 centimeters), marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction and stronger.

Kidney strong sun little secret make a man hard and not weak

Said to the kidney, men would think of all kinds of folk prescription diet, through diet is really can have the effect of good kidney, but, if we are outside the diet plus some daily massage technique, so the effect of the kidney and fixing sperm will be better, man’s health will be better. Efficacy: massage yongquan cave, often can make the person sufficient kidney essence, alert lady, invigorating, function is strong, strong waist knee not soft, walk.

Men how to improve the quality of sperm The secret is in the food

Sperm is a leading role in the process of conception and form an important part of a fertilized egg. Nearly half a century, as the environmental pollution, contain pesticides and insecticides food intake and life pressure increasing, the male sperm quality is declining worldwide, sperm count by nearly half. Study found that sperm counts and high vitality of men are usually a large number of feeding rich in folic acid, vitamin C, lycopene, polyphenols antioxidants fresh and vegetable fruit.