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Step four men to enhance sexual ability exercise

Under huge pressure to live and work, a lot of men have impotence trend gradually, young one proud flesh, a harmonious happy sex life is closely related to the personal ability of sex. However, high level of sexual ability is not innate, the day after tomorrow also played a crucial role in practice. So how to improve sexual function? Below to introduce you to some of the sexual ability method.

Sexual nine thing a must

work too busy, emotion is not high, communication, tired, and so on, all sorts of little things in life are likely to become husband and wife enjoy sex & other Stand in the way & throughout; . <\/...

A man so 1 hours a day can prolong time of sexual intercourse

Longer and longer, it is men’s tireless pursuit. Therefore, men willing to try different drugs and treatments. But a study at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands found that there are “happy hormones,” said the serotonin is a kind of pleasant of neurotransmitters, its content is high and low and active degree determines the sex persistent or not.

6 kinds of experiences of sexual intercourse to last a lifetime

Recently, a big American dating sites send a survey to 2500 registered member, please the list of the most memorable sexual experience yourself. The results found that, in the heart of a woman, a perfect sexual experience than men thought simple. The honeymoon sex. The vast majority of people losing their virginity sex is not very desirable,

Sex education survey: forty percent students sexual knowledge is derived from the companion or network

Had the greatest influence on students in terms of sexual knowledge, in turn, is that gay friends or classmates (42.2%), heterosexual friends or classmates (15.4%), the teacher or a doctor (15.0%), parents (10.3%), others (6.3%), and 10.8% without anyone. Wang Wei rainbow advice, education administrative department should include sexual health education in primary and secondary school curriculum plan, sexual health education curriculum construction can draw lessons from the advanced experience of development of sexual health education at home and abroad, to explore around nature health education of primary and secondary schools teaching materials.