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How should man care about their health care

Have a healthy body, can be said to be the busy modern man’s best wish. Due to abnormal diet, mental pressure big civilizations disease caused by factors such as, and occupational diseases emerge in endlessly. To keep healthy and don’t have much time, how to do? Small make up to provide the necessary ingredients of five men, detailed introduces the every kind of food health value and edible method, convenient office in the home to eat, to enhance resistance to disease, thus achieve the purpose of maintaining health. Modern men want to be able to help to get the nutrients your body needs, easy to improve physical fitness, promote healthy body!

Qiu dong kidney you should do so

In Beijing in October, has entered the late autumn. Early next month, is about to usher in the beginning of winter Chinese solar terms. The beginning of winter, means that the arrival of winter. After the beginning of winter, sunshine time continue to reduce, and the temperature continues to decline, the colder weather. Living in Beijing and northern region of the people’s need of a modest supplements, in winter.

What should be ready for the summer fitness

Refers to the formal preparation before exercise body exercises, reasonable and full preparation activities is any fitness sports, competitive sports training, important steps must be completed before the match. Overcome the internal organs of the physiological inertia is the important role of preparation, any object must overcome inertia to move forward, such as when we took a car, train, from the starting to the high speed, physical inertia to overcome.

Should summer men genitals body hair shaved

Itself is masculine men, because of the male hormone, male genitals pubic hair will be more, combined with the summer sweat let a man with its “manly” private parts below small make up will tell you about the benefits of men shave vagina pubic hair, want to know can have a look.

Six kinds of situations should not be knew you clear?

Especially after a large number of alcoholic drink, after drinking will cause the man not strong or premature ejaculation, erection at the same time easy to annoy her, affect sexual life quality, obstruction sex harmony. Also, when hungry, the person’s physical strength drops, not energetic, had sex at this point, and is often difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

1 incident should not be husband and wife life

ED is a kind of common disease, consistently and repeatedly cannot obtain the penis or maintain a satisfactory finish the erectile tissue of the sex. If the meal immediately after having sex, the penis blood will appear problem, erectile hardness is not enough, just having sex can cause penile vascular endothelial cell damage, in the long term there will be a male erectile dysfunction.

Men over 40 should fill most

While men are different, after the menopause, due to natural aging body organs, the hypothalamus – pituitary – testicular function decline, androgen decreasing each year, the 75 – year – old male testosterone levels about two-thirds of young men.” Deng jun hong said, just as some women receiving estrogen replacement therapy after menopause, male menopause also mainly through oral androgen treatment to improve the level of androgen.

Men and women do it should die before you go to sleep

Every one of us every day, nearly a third of the time spent in sleep, a quality of sleep, can not only make us energetic, also can make us more healthy, so as to have the effect of health care. Diet, not overeating at night, or stomach puffy, toss and turn also can not sleep, both affect the function of the stomach, also lower the quality of sleep, do more harm than good.

About “health” a few things you should know most!

Nowadays, the influence of family harmony, premature ejaculation, the incidence is 25% – 30%; The incidence of male prostatitis is about 8.4% in our country, but if a male with multiple partners, his prostatitis incidence rate will reach 26%; 35 to 45 years old, reproductive capacity has gradually declined, can indirectly caused increased the incidence of infertility and the number of… It is not hard to see from these data, husband and wife life to “sex”, must want to play “sexual” battle.