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Man strong is not strong in the press can know

As lr 3 hole with hands on the foot of valley point is remedial bad mood affect the medicine of the valley point at hand, in the lr 3 hole corresponding to the position, to suit the lr 3 hole, can let a person calm, rational. Lr 3 hole is one of the important points on the liver meridian, it not only can adjust liver, liver easier to support the toxin, and suffered can calm, quickly feel relieved.

Kidney strong sun little secret make a man hard and not weak

Said to the kidney, men would think of all kinds of folk prescription diet, through diet is really can have the effect of good kidney, but, if we are outside the diet plus some daily massage technique, so the effect of the kidney and fixing sperm will be better, man’s health will be better. Efficacy: massage yongquan cave, often can make the person sufficient kidney essence, alert lady, invigorating, function is strong, strong waist knee not soft, walk.

Strong not strong man see the will know

Because of the little toe to the origin of the foot shaoyin kidney, so the foot little toe thick thick kidney more prosperous; Foot little toe small thin skin more kidney failure. 1) nail pale color, lack of blood, see more at malnutrition, anemia patients; In addition if nail suddenly turned white, the common acute blood loss, shock, etc.

A relationship of husband and wife life turns out to be cancer of the strong heart “doctor”!

A harmonious sex life can promote the relationship not only, more can have health, ease and reduce a lot of pain. It’s like a permanent home, 24 hours on duty free doctors as the guardian of your health. Today, small make up for all the beauty of fine count the harmonious sex life brings to the human body ~ according to the women’s health magazine reported that summarizes the benefits of male and female sex:

Men see come over: eat the food skillfully kidney strong sun

Ginger is our daily diet, one of the most common ingredients and at the same time it is a Chinese traditional medicine. These patients often have weak, afraid of cold, don’t lift, impotence, lumbar debility, testicular pain even cold infertility. Modern medicine thinks, the duck meat contains rich protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and minerals, is able to nourish and delicious.