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The expert reminds: pay attention to these key male disease prevention

According to the WHO, according to data released in the 80 s before the normal male sperm counts standard is 60 million/ml, by the year 1999 is 20 million/ml, 2011 down to 15 million/ml, thus it can be seen, in nearly 40 years this standard has fallen by 75%, and what is the cause of this phenomenon? At present the medical profession, there is no clear conclusion. This “health lecture hall” special male gulou hospital director melchor, attending physician Zheng Chenglong from the perspective of Chinese medicine regulating prevention and maintenance men’s health science health knowledge for everyone.

Everyday eat these food kidney and spleen

Kidney is keeping in good health topic of people’s more attention, the method of kidney has a lot of, in addition to filling kidney method using some drugs, daily food can also be strong kidney health, so do not despise the dietotherapy method of kidney.

Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these food to improve energy supplement testosterone

After 40 years of age, the most important androgen – testosterone in men will begin to decrease, thus likely to lead to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression and other issues. Supplement testosterone can improve men some common problems. However, “medicine to eat. Recently, the us website MSN please experts names can increase testosterone levels of food. Men are worried about the old fast? Often eat these foods, to improve energy to supplement the male hormone, 10 years younger!

When a couple that must pay attention to these details

Perhaps in some people, it seems, more sex skills for sex are more able to function, the relationship between the partners will be more harmonious, therefore, need to try a variety of sexual position they thought perfect sex. Men remember the room after the event to show her the necessary tenderness, as one kiss of the intimacy, a few words of tenderness, or hold her to sleep, can make women more satisfactory.

These few men drink tea the keeping in good health

Men in busy every day, whether it’s career or your life, can make men tired deeply, but will also affect the psychology has brought great harm, we need to pay attention to the male way of kidney, at ordinary times avoid male occurrence kidney, but also pay attention to preserve one’s health, below, explain men several health tea.

Do these two points, powerful supplement kidney energy, each all not afraid cold in winter

The biggest benefit of the winter, is the ability to test out of your body, whether sufficient energy. It might be more persuasive than physical examination. Those indicators in the physical examination, the body can not see enough of energy, but afraid of the cold in winter, it must be a lack of energy. If you compared to the others, or more than their normal to the cold, this means your body energy shortage.

These techniques to husband and wife life “”

In the husband and wife sex life, there will always be a complain about each other is not on the one hand, don’t know how, always, but actually it is harmonious and healthy sex life needs the joint efforts of both sides of husband and wife, so, we should learn to add more power to husband and wife of sex.

These actions most likely to “defeat” husband and wife

Couples sex life, should not only pay attention to sexual technique, but also pay attention to the psychological perfect experience. On the one hand, in the process of sex outside must not talk about sex, or is likely to make sex interrupt, climax.” When the other party defeated by your attack, even if in a hurry to run to complete all of your cleaning requirements, estimated that fire is extinguished in the heart.

Husband and wife before bedtime to strengthen these parts of the massage effect is amazing

Before sleeping, both husband and wife to strengthen these parts of the massage, can increase the appeal of the husband and wife have can promote blood flow, nourishes the body organs. Kill two birds with one stone of it. Suggest that couples might as well a massage before you go to sleep meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, in order to easily achieve the goal of fitness and add feelings.