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These seven body signals of the kidney

The kidney is the figure of the body. If kidney problems, will reduce the levels of the hormone, the red blood cells carry oxygen ability, can cause human body anemia of oxygen, resulting in lethargy body fatigue. At ordinary times should pay attention to the waist to keep warm, the weather turn LiangYao attention heat preservation measures immediately, lest cause cold invasion.

A man never understand these things after age 40

After forty to understand: a man’s feelings do not like to be a woman, especially the women don’t like being bandar, this not only lose self-respect, also distort the soul. After forty to understand: in the whole life, don’t have to worry about more than a few heterosexual friends, is that your life is ups and downs of notes and exciting glorious chapter.

These actions will destroy men

Men’s informal character prompt it to form a lot of bad living habits, in dietary respect main show is not love to drink water, drink beer, drinks instead of boiled water, eat fruits and vegetables, and so on. Try to avoid too much to drink, to be followed by a plain boiled water, keep drinking eight cups of water each day to promote body endotoxin eduction in a timely manner.

Determine the cancer related to husband and wife life! These five types of women began to alert!

There is a female cancer has been the people needed to be aware of, its lethality infinite, there are 13 new cases every year, about 30000 people died of it, more and it is known as cervical cancer! And almost all of the cervical cancer is associated with a cause, that is human papilloma virus (HPV). And HPV infection and spluttered pa can’t get away, so we can draw the conclusion: cervical cancer associated with spluttered pa! ,