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Partners can’t stand 20 things many people lost in the first

Every couple hope and TA sweet harmony, but real life is often a chicken feathers, two people get along in the hard to avoid can have knock against and friction. A lot of problems, it is common phenomenon in couples will appear. Life some casual small move, sometimes moments that make people change the opinion of someone, even may affect the affection between the partners.

Do the six things don’t immediately after exercise

Don’t immediately after exercise do the 6 September 27, 2016, 2016 ocean network – guangzhou daily weibo WeChat space share add love for regular exercise, exercise the muscles can get relatively sufficient oxygen, sugar material lactic acid decomposition, there would be no obvious muscle pain. Smoking will make lung after motion with a lot of smoke, reduce the lose oxygen, chest, short short, dizziness, weakness could be happening.

4 things men that incident

Such toxic substances released by testis will accumulate in the body, thus made a great impact on testicular health. When the body from eating too much lead, infiltration of sperm or eggs and stored, affect reproductive hormone secretion, cause the decrease in the number of sperm, deformity, and pregnancy reduced phenomenon.

Couples that after the event must not do two things

After a lot of intimacy, immediately return to normal life, there will be no after the show. Men should not be eager to urinate after sex, otherwise it will damage to the prostate, because male urethra long and crooked, urine by resistance, long time. At this time as eager to urinate, can make the urethral pressure increased, urine flow with bacteria and metabolic waste will enter the prostate, so for a long time, easy to cause prostatitis.

Screw up 10 couples living things don’t do it

“A bad impression to a good impression to make up for the ten”, but in sex, some sexual misconduct tend to have a chance to remedy very hard. Some wrong through sexual intercourse is likely to affect sexual harmony, sexual apathy, and even ruin a good marriage. Recently, many sexologists summarizes common must avoid ten thing in sex, and interpretation is given.

Woman bed, there are five things difficult

In terms of sex, women are always more passive and shy, and some of the illicit close sex, they are reluctant to say easily, heart but hope a man can understand.” For women, sex itself is the source of happiness, they can’t orgasm, but that doesn’t mean that man will not be able to, but to look at.

A man ashamed to speak of those things Women don’t know

Boston university school of medicine, clinical psychologist Stanley Du Sham said in terms of sex, women tend to have high expectations for the other half, but it is not a good thing for men, they even call it “one of the most fearful experience”. Stanley Du Sham said: “a man should be focusing on sex itself, rather than think of things in mind, don’t always thinking about yourself it’s strong enough.