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Ten things easily mess up your husband and wife life

“A bad impression to a good impression to make up for the ten”, but in sex, some sexual misconduct tend to have a chance to remedy very hard. During sex suddenly stopped to pick up the phone or mail back to information, can produce neglected feeling, let love libido could disappear immediately.

After the husband and wife life man never can do three things

Sex is every adult man care about, is also a man of passion to experience the most enjoy a thing, but many of the male sex after these things, may hurt a man’s health and you most care about sexuality. In the process of sex, gastrointestinal vascular expansion, before gastric mucosal hyperemia were returned to normal, eat cold drink can make gastric mucosa suddenly encounter cold and a certain amount of damage, even cause gastrointestinal discomfort or colic.

A man never understand these things after age 40

After forty to understand: a man’s feelings do not like to be a woman, especially the women don’t like being bandar, this not only lose self-respect, also distort the soul. After forty to understand: in the whole life, don’t have to worry about more than a few heterosexual friends, is that your life is ups and downs of notes and exciting glorious chapter.

The woman on the bed 5 things difficult

In terms of sex, women are always more passive and shy, and some of the illicit close sex, they are reluctant to say easily, heart but hope a man can understand.” For women, sex itself is the source of happiness, they can’t orgasm, but that doesn’t mean that man will not be able to, but to look at.

After the “life” men and women, men can’t do “immediate” a couple of things?

Has just experienced a complete harmony of passion, do you still enjoy in waste when make love every moment, but he rolled over to snoring, or do the other things. Sex just ended, corpora cavernosa congestion has not yet subsided, and urethral sphincter and detrusor contraction has not been eliminated, this will cause urethral resistance is high, cause dysuria, even urine.

About “health” a few things you should know most!

Nowadays, the influence of family harmony, premature ejaculation, the incidence is 25% – 30%; The incidence of male prostatitis is about 8.4% in our country, but if a male with multiple partners, his prostatitis incidence rate will reach 26%; 35 to 45 years old, reproductive capacity has gradually declined, can indirectly caused increased the incidence of infertility and the number of… It is not hard to see from these data, husband and wife life to “sex”, must want to play “sexual” battle.