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Man kidney three harm, all are killing me

Now more and more social pressure, for men, if suffering from kidney empty is not problem, really can’t afford to let a man look up to, in terms of sex of husband and wife, the more nervous worry, the less, in the long run, will form a vicious circle, the harm of kidney empty is bigger and bigger. Just look at the below what are the three major harm kidney empty.

Three actions build “love handles” make you more sexy

Recently by the word “love handles” English “love handles”, refers to the muscles of the prominent men on both sides of the waist, can let the woman from behind hold, like grip handle, give a woman a sense of security. This area is in fact the external oblique muscle, it has to do with the internal oblique muscle (also known as the line) together form a man sexy waist.

Don’t eat viagra into three erroneous zone

In order to popularize knowledge of men’s health and improve men’s health consciousness, caring men’s health and improve men’s health status, as well as the male escort “sex life”, sponsored by the China sexology association, Pfizer China’s “2016 men’s health wan lixing” the activity at jinkang pharmacy successfully held in guangzhou. Shan-chao zhao professor pointed out that at present there are many ways for the treatment of impotence, including foundation treatment, drug therapy, instruments, surgical treatment, etc., choose the treatment shall be under the guidance of a doctor.

Three common food an aphrodisiac effect is best

Way: 2 sparrows, unhairing and bone dirty, dodder, medlar 25 grams each, cooked with liquid, meat drink soup. One way: the pig kidney and yam medicine, medlar each 15 grams, mountain cornus 12 grams, put inside the casserole, add water right amount soup, eat meat, drink soup.

The three body secret dealings women hide

Know many women in the process of communication, at ordinary times to show their best side to her boyfriend and at the same time some will be “difficult” body hidden secret. So, women will hide secrets body exactly what? To this end, Japan Peachy website published stories about the relationship with her boyfriend when women are the three hidden secret body.

After the husband and wife life man never can do three things

Sex is every adult man care about, is also a man of passion to experience the most enjoy a thing, but many of the male sex after these things, may hurt a man’s health and you most care about sexuality. In the process of sex, gastrointestinal vascular expansion, before gastric mucosal hyperemia were returned to normal, eat cold drink can make gastric mucosa suddenly encounter cold and a certain amount of damage, even cause gastrointestinal discomfort or colic.

The high quality three recruit let husband and wife life fresh

Skin is the largest organ in the body, sexy belt is different from person to person, targeted organ laid hands on him is fast malicious, but unexpected touch, there are always amazing thrill. Don’t let her find out your moves, just like play training, although the martial arts routine, however can magic can keep each other suspense.