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A yellow flower of the grass can let the man under control

St John’s wort tea slightly umami, refreshing fragrance, strengthen the function of the nervous system, and can eliminate worry and depressed, calm nervous and anxious, neuralgia, rheumatism effective of plum rains season. Note: st John’s wort sex cold, long-term drinking easily hurt the stomach, general continuous drinking a month to disable a week or so.

To count the most injured kidney five big bad habit, like to do most people under the age of 30

The function of kidney is the body of harmful substances and excess water discharge, it ACTS as a “human cleaner” role. The importance of the kidney, for men is the vitality of the reproductive system; For all people, healthy kidney represents the young vitality, kidney is bad disease, aging, will occur. Chinese often say that the kidney is the foundation of the innate, this was not a bit false.