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A trickle of urine All cure kidney empty

For the upright man urinating, shall have the right of the toilet. Experts point out that, when the man pee, do not talk too much, but should be “teeth”. Why is this? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the kidneys over urinatinganddefecating and its discharge all relies on the gasification of kidney and kidney Yang warm and moist.

Women urine after wipe or not

What do you want to wipe after women to urinate? In fact the process of urination, as well as the body toxins out of the process, through urine, can put out toxins, with a paper towel to wipe, can avoid the happening of urine is endless.

Urine far kidney? Look at men’s health from urinate height

Recent studies suggest that men’s sexual dysfunction (ED) and has a certain correlation between voiding dysfunction. Spray during urination urine height is determined by two important factors, that is the power – prompted the urine bladder muscle contraction ability, and influence from urine urethral discharge resistance, the degree of urethral patency.